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Contraception is about stopping a pregnancy occurring. There are 15 methods of contraception available in the UK. These prevent pregnancy but will not protect against sexually transmitted infections so you will also need to use a condom.

Different methods will suit different people and your choices can be considered and discussed with you at a sexual health clinic or via your GP. Contraception is free of charge from our clinics.You can start contraception at any time in your cycle, however if you have unprotected sex (you may be at risk of becoming pregnant) you may not be able to have your chosen type of contraception at that time.  If you think you may be at risk of pregnancy you can get Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC)  from any of our Sexual Health Clinics, please telephone for details.

If you are thinking about or having sex and don’t want to get pregnant you need a suitable and effective method of contraception. To find out more about contraceptive methods, click on the image below: 

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You can telephone 01159 627 627 to make an appointment at any of our clinics across Nottingham.


Important things to know about getting your contraception from NUH Sexual Health Services

At NUH Sexual Health Services all our clinics have bookable appointments. Some clinics have a very limited number of appointments available, so think ahead - book your next appointment about 2-3 weeks before you need to renew your contraception.


During a consultation with a healthcare professional we will discuss your medical history and what best suits your lifestyle.

Every time you use the NUH Sexual Health Services to get your contraception you will have to talk to one of our Nurses, Doctors or Health Care Assistants (this includes collecting condoms).

If you start your contraception at any time in your cycle, we will ask you to come back and see us again in 3-4 weeks. It takes this long for a pregnancy to show up and you might have fallen pregnant as you started your contraception. 

If you want to have an implant, IUS or IUD (COIL) as your long term method of contraception, NUH Sexual Health Services do not normally fit them at your first appointment. We need to assess your risk of pregnancy and make sure it is the right time for you to start these types of contraception.

Central booking line:

01159 627 627

Mon – Fri: 08.30 - 19:00
Sat: 09:30 – 14:00

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