Complex Home Ventilation and Weaning Service

We provide a comprehensive service for people who need assisted ventilation (help with their breathing), receiving referrals from hospitals across the East Midlands and beyond. 

This includes supporting patients who have complex needs and those who are dependent on a ventilator at all times. 

Our team specialises in reducing patients’ dependency or ‘weaning’ them from invasive ventilation through a tracheostomy (a tube inserted into the windpipe), either to full independence or to non-invasive ventilation through a mask at night.

The service is based at the QMC, with some outpatient appointments and inpatient facilities at the City Hospital.

The home ventilation service for children is also based at the QMC and there are very close links between the adult and paediatric services, including joint clinics for adolescents and young adults.

Our services

  • Technical support: The lung function team offers technical support to home ventilation users. Out of hours, the medical high dependency unit (MHDU) at the QMC offers round-the-clock telephone advice, replacement equipment and can admit patients to hospital if needed.
  • Physiotherapy: Our adult and paediatric respiratory physiotherapists support patients with coughing, including volume-recruitment bags and cough-assist machines if necessary.
  • Palliative care: The palliative care teams support the planning and delivery of end-of-life care for patients, both in hospital and at home.
  • Feeding tubes: Enteral feeding tubes (inserted into the stomach) are provided as needed, with support available in hospital and at home.
  • Home support: This is provided by a specialist nurse, a family care officer for muscle diseases and a specialist paediatric physiotherapist.
  • Spinal surgery: We run joint paediatric clinics with the spinal surgeons and provide peri-operative care on the adult and paediatric intensive care units.


Our inpatient facilities are staffed by specialist nurses and resident doctors. At the QMC they are based within the medical high dependency unit and at the City Hospital they are on Southwell and Fleming wards.


Ventilation clinics run from 11am to 1pm in the Nottingham NHS Treatment Centre at QMC.  Parking is available on the ground floor of the building. 

As many clients have complex needs, appointments are arranged so that patients can see all the relevant healthcare professionals during a single visit where possible. Staff are also available to service and replace equipment and do any tests that are needed on the same day.

We run joint specialist neurology clinics with neurologists, paediatric neurologists and cardiologists supported by a family care officer for muscle diseases. The weekly motor neurone disease clinic is also attended by specialist nurses, a speech and language therapist and a dietitian. 

At the City Hospital, clinics are held in the outpatients clinic or lung function laboratory.  

Service user group

Our service user group meets quarterly in the Treatment Centre, giving patients and carers the chance to share their experiences. The group provides support for new ventilator users and gives feedback so that the service can be responsive to their needs.

Contact us

Drs Kinnear, Wharton, Sovani: 0115 924 9924 ext 61155

Annual service appointment: 0115 970 5800 ext 10002

Urgent technical problems: 0115 970 5800 ext 23221

Other technical issues: 0115 970 5800 ext 10002

Out-of-hours (MHDU): 0115 924 9924 ext 63229

Lung function and sleep services: 0115 969 1169 ext 56191 (City Hospital) or ext 64470 (QMC)

Professor J Britton and Dr A Fogarty: 0115 969 1169 ext 78331713 (secretary)

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