Male with breast symptoms

I have symptoms what should I do?

The common breast symptoms in a man are:

  • Pain/tenderness around the nipple
  • Swelling of the chest around the nipple
  • A lump in the chest area or under the arm

Symptoms can be on one or both sides of the chest.

Initially you should see your GP to discuss any breast symptoms that persist, particularly if you notice a lump in the chest area or under the arm.


Do I need to come to the Breast Clinic?

Many men can be fully assessed by their GP and do not need to be assessed in a specialist breast clinic. However, your GP may refer you to the Breast Clinic at the hospital to be seen.

We run a specialised male clinic for new patients at the Nottingham Breast Institute.


What will happen at the new patient male clinic at the Breast Institute?

At the clinic you will be asked some questions about:

  • Your symptoms
  • Any previous health problems 

  • Any medications you take

  • Your lifestyle

You will also be examined by a member of the team. You will need to have the chest area examined on both sides and you may need other areas of the body examining.

We may recommend further tests:

  • Blood tests - these are usually done to look for causes of a breast symptom
  • Scan - these are sometimes needed to look at a lump or swelling
  • Biopsy - any tests will be explained to you

Most patients will be given test results in clinic or will receive a letter.


I have been told I have gynaecomastia

This is benign (non-cancerous) swelling of the male breast tissue.

Breast Cancer Care produce a booklet with information on this condition that we recommend to our patients.

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