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Holiday loans

If you are planning on going abroad, and would like a spare speech processor to take with you, Advanced Bionics, Cochlear Europe and Med-El provide a holiday loaner service that you can use for a charge. To request a holiday loan, please contact us for the appropriate forms or download using the link below.

Once you have completed the relevant forms, please send them to the relevant company (as mentioned on the form). Once the company has received this information they will then ask NAIP to forward your/your child's maps to them with details of the current mapping information. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL COMPANIES NEED AT LEAST 4 WEEKS' NOTICE TO COMPLETE A HOLIDAY LOAN PACK FOR YOU.

For a downloadable copy of the form, please select the company that provides you/ your child's speech processor:

Airport letters

For peace of mind and to help minimise delays at airport security, we can provide a signed letter confirming that you or your child has a cochlear implant and the precautions security staff need to take when passing through scanning equipment. Some airports have now installed whole body scanners - we have verified with the implant companies that passing through one of this will not damage or cause any harm to the patient. 


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