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For patients, parents, carers and professionals:

Cochlear UK

New advice leaflet for Mini Microphone

A NAIP advice leaflet for use of the Mini Microphone with preschool children.  

Advanced Bionics


Med-EL have also recently launched an EasyGuide Smartphone App for the Opus2 speech processor which can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. It contains a troubleshooting section and a tips and tricks section. This can also be found via the Med-El website, which provides QR codes. 


For professionals:

The Nottinham Auditory Implant Programme have developed an number of resources that they are using in their work with children and young people who have cochlear implants. Professionals working in the field may also find these useful. Click on the links below to find out more about these resources.

IDA Transitions Management

The IDA Institute have a suite of online resources for professionals to use with children, young people and families.  Transitions Management is an interactive platform designed to help children and young adults with hearing loss and their families successfully manage key transitions during childhood and youth.

Click here to link to their website

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