Spares and repairs

Replacement equipment/spares

Replacement equipment is provided free of charge to patients and sent by first-class post for next-day delivery. Equipment needs to be requested before 2.30pm for next-day delivery.

Always remember to return the faulty equipment in the prepaid envelopes provided.


Sound processors

Just as for conventional hearing aids, sound processors can develop faults from time to time. If a sound processor develops a fault:

  • Firstly, we ask the patient/parent to identify the fault using the troubleshooting guidelines given at initial programming. Click here for troubleshooting advice.

  • If the problem persists or the patient needs advice, they can ring our NAIP Helpdesk or Cochlear Care (as appropriate). If they can give a brief outline of the problem, it may be possible to resolve it. If necessary an audiologist will be asked to return the call as soon as they are available.

If we need to send a sound processor out it is usually sent to the patient's home address. If delivery to a different address is preferred please state this clearly. Please have address details handy when calling us.

Replacement sound processors are sent out by registered post and should be received the following day. A sound processor is an expensive item of equipment (over £5,000). Therefore, it is important that broken or faulty speech processors are returned without delay in the special delivery envelope provided.

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Rechargeable batteries

If the processor requires AA or AAA rechargeable batteries, we will provide these, as well as the battery charger. The Nucleus 5, Nucleus 6, Harmony and Naida processors are equipped with custom made rechargeable batteries that should last a number of years. Please ensure the batteries are charged in rotation so as not to exhaust one particular battery. It may be useful to number them to keep track of any faulty batteries.

Non-rechargeable batteries

An initial supply of batteries will be provided at one of the first appointments. A letter will then be directed to the patient's local audiology department to advise them of the patient's battery requirement. We do not provide ongoing supplies of non-rechargeable batteries as they are funded by the local authority.


Spare headpiece cables and ear hooks

These will be issued at initial programming. If spare headpiece cables or earhooks need to be used, we advise our patients to call the NAIP Helpdesk or Cochlear Care (as appropriate) to request replacement items. This is to ensure that the user has spare cables available at all times.

If parents and schools wish to keep extra spares in addition to the above, information on obtaining these direct from the manufacturer (with a price list) can be provided on request.


BCIG safety guidelines

BCIG safety guidelines are no longer current. Please refer queries to the customer service or helpdesk of the relevant manufacturer. 

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NAIP Helpdesk

Tel: 0115 948 5538

Text: 07976 190 028


Open: 10.30am to 4pm (closed on England and Wales bank holidays)

Cochlear Care helpline (cochlear users only)

Tel: 01932 263630

Text: 07767 167 824

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