Cochlear Implants: A Patient Guide

The clips from this DVD present a general introduction to cochlear implants and the assessment process at the Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme.

Our service covers all ages, from very young babies to adults – there is no upper age limit. The patient stories you can access here include children, their parents and adult patients talking about their experience of cochlear implantaiton. These clips cover a wide range of hearing problems, from those who are deaf from birth to those who may have experienced a gradual or sudden drop in hearing.

Many thanks to all the families, patients and local professionals who contributed to this DVD. We are particularly grateful to those who shared their stories and explained so powerfully the changes the operation has made to their lives. We hope you find their experiences useful on your journey with us.

To view the videos full screen, please click on the YouTube icon.


Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 - What is a cochlear implant?
This chapter describes what a cochlear implant is and how it works. 

Chapter 3 - Assessment and Surgery

This chapter explains how we assess whether a patient is suitable for a cochlear implant and the surgery involved.

Chapter 4 - Programming and Support

This chapter explains how we program the cochlear implant and the support available throughout the journey.

Chapter 5 – Support for Children

Chapter 6 – Support for Adults

Chapter 7 - Where we are based

This chapter explains what part of each process is carried out where including the pre-op stages and post-op stages.


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