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 At the Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme we have produced a number of DVDs and associated film resources.  If you would like to view a particular DVD please ask an Outreach Support Team professional or contact us by phone or email:

All the DVDs are subtitled throughout and have the option to watch with signing too.

Most of the information on the DVDs, including a range of patient stories are available to view in short film clips on this website.  Cilck on the links below to view.

  • Cochlear implants: A patient guide - This is a general introduction to cochlear implants and the assessment process at the Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme. Patient stories include children, their parents and adult patients talking about their experience of cochlear implantaiton.
  • Cochlear implants after long-term deafness - This is a collection of patient stories from adults who have received a cochlear implant after a long period of deafness.
  • Speaking for ourselves about cochlear implants - This takes the form of three films. In the first film children talk about what life is like with cochlear implants. The second film follows the journey of one family from the time their 8-month old baby has cochlear implants and visits them again two years later.  In the last film two young adults who each had their cochlear implants as children reflect on their experiences.

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