World Hearing Day 3rd March 2017 

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Posted 03/03/17

World Hearing Day 2017 highlights the serious impact of hearing loss, which can be   absolutely devastating at a personal level and enormously costly in economic terms. There are many interventions which are available through the NHS which can help. 

Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme at NUH is proud to have been offering cochlear implants to children and adults with the severe to profound deafness for nearly 30 years. These implants give people life-changing access to voices and sounds, providing amazing opportunities such as the possibility of deaf babies learning to talk and adults who lose their hearing being able to engage with family, friends and work again. However, over 90% of adults who could benefit from a cochlear implant do not come forward for them. Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme staff will be at the Loxley House City Council building on Friday 3rd March to give advice to the public and hand out information on what’s available on the NHS and how to access these services.

Another successful Annual Professional Training Update

Posted 06/09/16

On Friday 1st July 2016, 58 teachers of the deaf and speech and language therapists came to Goosedale Conference Centre for our Annual Professional Training Update.

There was a packed programme of talks which included presentations by Carly Anderson from the Nottingham Biomedical Research Unit in Hearing on ‘The Listening Brain’ and by Clare Sheridan, customer skills and rehabilitation manager from Cochlear on ‘Coaching Parents’.

 Training 2016 photo 1    Training 2016 photo 2

Delegates benefited from updates and hands-on with the equipment from Cochlear and Medel.

 Training 2016 photo 3    Training 2016 photo 4

Delegates evaluated how useful each presentation had been (the bigger the font, the more people commented on the topic):

Wordle Training 2016

There were presentations from a range of NAIP professionals and there were suggestions made for what stakeholders want at future updates. We are busy planning next year’s Training Update, which will move to a different venue in 2017.

Date for your diary:

Wednesday, 5th July 2017 at the Nottingham Conference Centre, in the city centre.

Delegates comments on the day:

 Wordle Training feedback 2016


International Cochlear Implant Day

Posted 24/02/16

Together with implant centres around the country, the Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme celebrated International Cochlear Implant Day on Thursday 25th February to raise awareness of cochlear implants.

It was great to celebrate how this technology has changed and impacted the lives of individuals who have severe to profound hearing loss.


Referrers' Information Day

Posted 24/03/16

The NAIP Referrers' Information Day took place on Wednesday 9th March. This free event was held at the Nottingham Conference Centre. GPs, ENT specialists, Audiologists and Paediatricians attended and it was a very useful day for all those involved. It included an overview of hearing implants and looked in more detail at the referral and assessment process for cochlear implantation.

Our thanks to Cochlear for sponsoring this event.

The NAIP team are also able to offer training or contribute to local meetings for referrers and associated professionals in their local areas.  If you would like more information please contact us:

Tel: 0115 948 5549      email:


Lilian Greenwood MP visits Ropewalk House

Posted 11/09/15


Nottingham South MP Lilian Greenwood visited Ropewalk House yesterday on Thursday 3 September. 

Ropewalk House, part of Nottingham University Hopsitals, is home to one of the largest audiology services in the country, treating over 60,000 patients a year. Meeting Clare Benton, Head of Audiology, Lilian was given a guided tour of the clinics and treatment rooms, as well as the Children's Hearing Assessment Centre.

LG2Dr Tracey Twomey, Head of Service was also on hand to showcase the work of the Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme (NAIP). Since launching in 1989 the NAIP has carried out over 1,600 cochlear implant operations and are one of the leaders in the field, receiving nation-wide referrals.

Lilian also visited the NIHR Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit - a partnership between NUH, The University of Nottingham and the MRC Institute of Hearing Research. The unit was established in 2008 and is the only BRU funded to pursue translational research in deafness and hearing problems.

Research Lead Dr Melanie Ferguson and Research Fellow Dr David Maidment put Lilian through her paces with a series of speech and memory tests, designed to test cognitive function.       


Following her visit Lilian said: "Our city is leading the way in diagnosing and treating hearing problems and using new technologies to offer more choices to those affected by deafness or hearing loss.

"I was particularly interested to hear how the work of clinicians and scientists is brought together by the work of the biomedical research unit - translating cutting edge research into real improvements for patients."


Celebrating 25 years of cochlear implants 

Posted 11/07/14

We are celebrating 25 years of cochlear implantation – a life changing treatment that has helped severe to profoundly deaf patients all over the UK improve their hearing.

Staff reunited with patients who benefited from the treatment at a special anniversary event at Ropewalk House on Thursday 10 July. 

Guests included former patients Toby Carver, aged 20, Bethan Jordan, 28, and Helen Willis, 23.Celebrating 25 years

All three had cochlear implants when they were children and went on to win the prestigious Graeme Clark Scholarship cash prize which funds (or part funds) students’ further or higher education fees. This year’s Scholarship winner Toby said the cochlear implant helped make his academic success possible.

Professor O’ Donoghue, Consultant ENT Surgeon, pioneered cochlear implantation for children in the UK at Nottingham University Hospitals Trust. The cochlear implant programme was set up in 1989 and the service has provided over 1,600 cochlear implant operations.

Tracey Twomey, Consultant Clinical Scientist and Head of Service at the Nottingham Auditory Implant Programme, said she was thrilled that young implant users were helping staff celebrate 25 years of cochlear implant treatment at the Trust.

She said: "Cochlear implantation treatment can be life-changing. This treatment can greatly improve the quality of life for profoundly deaf people of all ages, including those with the most severe learning difficulties. Whilst take-up amongst children is good, we know that there are many adults who could benefit from this treatment and we encourage them to come forward."

"Beyond the hospital, our service works with children, their families and local professionals in their own communities to help them get the support they need to get the best outcome from their treatment. The Trust has been delivering a cochlear implant service for a quarter of a century now and it’s important to thank past and present staff for working hard and making the programme a success."

Cochlear implants work by electrically stimulating the auditory nerve (the nerve of hearing) in patients, helping people who do not benefit from hearing aids to improve their quality of life and, for children, to learn spoken language and speech.

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