11 September 2017

Another successful NAIP OST Training day

On Wednesday 12th July 2017, over 50 teachers of the deaf and speech and language therapists attended this year's training conference, and they were all very impressed with the facilities at the new venue - the Nottingham Conference Centre - particularly the spacious rooms with excellent audio-visual technology, the lovely food and drink and the reduced parking and tram rates.

The overall conference content was rated as Excellent by 70% of the delegates, whilst the remaining 30% rated it is as Good, with 95% saying it was highly relevant to their current position.

There was great interest in a project taking place in the Biomedical Unit in Hearing which hopes to be able to use infrared imaging of children's brains to show where speech is processed, which may allow us to understand why some deaf children have particular difficulty developing spoken language.

All the delegates found the updates and hands-on workshops from the cochlear Implant manufacturers very useful and requested that these are included each year at the conference. 

 Training Day 2017 AB Training Day 2017 Medel Training Day 2017 Medel

They appreciated hearing how the multidisciplinary implant team continues to streamline the support it provides, working together to achieve the best outcomes for the children, following cochlear implantation.

All the presentations were described as very useful, and topics included:

  • Difficulties aside from hearing shared by many children deafened by congenital Cytomegalovirus infection
  • Coaching strategies to support challenging conversations
  • Disproportionate language impairment in children using cochlear implants
  • The Educational Audiologists special interest group and the newly established Early Years professional development group.

There were suggestions for next year's conference, including working with older children and those with complex needs.

We will be returning to the Nottingham Conference Centre next summer, and will announce the date very soon!

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