Muscle and nerve diseases

These are conditions affecting the peripheral nervous system. Typical diseases include myasthenia gravis, myotonic dystrophy, the muscular dystrophies, Guillain-Barre syndrome and hereditary neuropathies.

Dr Paul Maddison runs a fortnightly clinic for patients with muscular dystrophies, neuromuscular junction disorders and inflammatory muscle disease. He has an interest in antibody-mediated conditions, including those affecting the peripheral nervous system such as neuromyotonia.

Dr Adrian Wills runs a weekly peripheral nerve and muscle clinic for patients with inflammatory and genetic neuropathies and muscle disease. He also runs a weekly motor neurone disease (MND) clinic. This clinic does not accept Choose and Book (CAB) referrals.

Dr Wills also attends a quarterly neuroventilatory clinic for patients with neuromuscular weakness and ventilatory failure or cardiac complications of neuromuscular disease. This clinic is currently in the Treatment Centre and does not accept direct referrals from GPs via CAB.



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