Dr Sumeet Singhal

SSinghalClinics and special interests: Epilepsy, non-epileptic attack disorder, narcolepsy and sleep disorders, neuro-oncology

Main hospital affiliation: Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Qualifications: BSc (Manchester, UK 1993); MbChB (Manchester, UK 1996); MD (London, UK 2004)

Neurology training: National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London, UK; St George’s Hospital, London, UK; Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK; Cleveland Clinic, USA

Professional affiliations: Association of British Neurologists; International League Against Epilepsy (UK); British Neuropsychiatric Association; British Medical Association

Research interests: Non-epileptic attack disorder, epilepsy, functional neurological symptoms

Example research paper: Mayor R, Brown R, Cock H, House A, Howlett S, Singhal S, Smith P, Reuber M. Short-term outcome of psychogenic nonepileptic seizures after communication of the diagnosis. Epi & Behav 2012;25 (4):676–681.

NHS Nottingham University Hospitals
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