The Clinical Genetics team

What is a genetic counsellor?

Genetic counsellors have all studied genetic conditions and how they run in families.

A genetic counsellor can help a person or family understand their risk of a genetic condition (such as cystic fibrosis, cancer, or Down syndrome), provide information about the disease and how it is inherited and discuss the options for managing the risks that may be available.

Genetic counsellors work as part of a health care team with specialist genetics doctors called clinical geneticists to help families make informed decisions about their health. They also help patients get extra support.


What is a clinical geneticist?

Clinical geneticists are medical doctors, who specialise in diagnosing, advising about, and in some instances, managing genetic conditions.

They have to complete specific additional training following medical school. Briefly, it consists of three to five years general professional training in general medicine and/or paediatrics, and successful completion of Royal College membership exams. This is followed by competitive entry into a four year specialist registrar training post in a regional genetics centre. Many people also have higher research degrees.


The team at the Nottingham Regional Clinical Genetics Service

Lead clinician

  • Dr Ajoy Sarker

Consultant clinical geneticists

  • Dr Abhijit Dixit
  • Dr Jacqueline Eason
  • Dr Rachel Harrison
  • Dr Ajoy Sarkar
  • Dr Nora Shannon
  • Dr Mohnish Suri
  • Dr Claire Searle

Specialist registrars

  • Dr Mark Hamilton

Genetic counsellors

  • Helene McCann (Genetic Counsellor Team Leader)
  • Nicola Drury (Principal Genetic Counsellor)
  • Janine Bowes
  • Rebecca Collier
  • Kate Carter
  • Marie-Anne O'Reilly
  • Keri Oliver
  • Lorna Parsons
  • Janet Rezzougui
  • Kathryn Mellor
  • Catherine Lamb
  • Elizabeth King
  • Laura Butland
  • Anya Kholkina
  • Esther Horton

Other specialist staff

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