Information for parents and carers

We want to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible during their stay in hospital and you, as parents, carers or relatives are given all the information you need.


Eating and drinking

If your child is going to the operating theatre in the morning, please make sure they do not have any food after midnight the previous night. They can have their last drink of clear fluids (water, cordial etc) before 6.30am the morning of their operation.

If your child is going to the operating theatre in the afternoon they can eat a light breakfast before 8am and have a drink of clear fluids (water, cordial, etc) before 11.30am. You will need to arrive on the ward at 10.30am in preparation for theatre.

Your child must not be given milk, fruit juice, fizzy drinks or chewing gum. Please give any medicines your child usually takes with their last drink.


Overnight stays

Children who have planned to stay just for the day occasionally need to stay overnight depending on how they feel after their operation. It is therefore wise to bring in an overnight bag in case this happens.

You are welcome to stay overnight with your child. We can supply one camp bed so you can sleep by your child’s bedside. Unfortunately there is not enough room for two camp beds - therefore if a second parent wishes to stay they would have to sleep in a chair.

If you are travelling a long distance and need to travel the night before then there is information about local hotels and bed and breakfasts on the hospital website.


What to bring in for your child

  • Day-time wear
  • Night clothes, dressing gown and slippers
  • Toiletries including toothbrush and comb or brush. Please plait long hair to keep it tidy and prevent it getting too knotty
  • Nappies
  • Baby bottles, infant formula/feeds and cutlery
  • Any equipment your child may need e.g. walking frames

Please ensure that all nail polish/false nails and jewellery/piercings are removed before admission.



If your child is taking any type of medication at home please bring this to the hospital with you on the day of admission. Please make sure it is in the original packaging and give it to your nurse to ensure there is no delay in medication being administered.

We advise all parents and carers to ensure they have pain relief (e.g. paracetamol and ibuprofen) at home. If you need a prescription for pain relief please tell your nurse on admission so there will be no delay in getting medication from the pharmacy before your child’s discharge home.


Car parking

There are patient and visitor car parks at the QMC, however there is high demand for parking and spaces can be limited. You may wish to consider other forms of transport to our hospital. Please visit our 'Getting here' pages for full details.



Children’s meals are ordered in the morning. A meal will be provided for your child when they return from theatre that same day. If your child has any special food requirements please tell the nurse when you arrive.

The QMC has a wide range of cafes, restaurants and shops for parents and carers.

All wards offer facilities for parents and carers to make hot drinks. You can bring your own tea and coffee or offer a small donation to the ward. 


Play and learning

All wards have their own play specialist who works with children to prepare them for theatre.

There is also a hospital school for children who are in for long periods of time. Children attend the school if they are well enough, but some teachers are ward based.



Please do not bring in valuable equipment as the ward cannot accept responsibility if it gets stolen or damaged. There is no safe place on the ward for valuables to be secured away.


Preparing for home

Your nurse will make sure that your child is ready for discharge and that you have everything you need before you go home. This includes medication and any further information about how to look after your child once you are at home. If required, outpatient appointments will be made by the ward.

Contact us

Please call the Queen's Medical Centre campus on 0115 924 9924 and use extension:

  • Ward D34: 69034
  • Ward D35: 69035
  • Ward E39: 69039
  • Ward E17: 69017
  • Ambulatory Care Unit: 66147
  • Outpatients: 61210

The Children's Hospital is situated in East Block at the QMC.

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