Our Managers' Standards

We're Empowering our managers

We’ve launched new managers’ standards, offering guidance and support to empower our line managers. Visit our managers' standards intranet page to be signposted to the supporting information for each promise. 

Our managerial promises...

  • To role model the Trust’s values and behaviours
  • To be up-to-date with policies, procedures, and processes at NUH and know how to apply them
  • To ensure we are guided by evidence and fact. We will use data to inform decisions and improve outcomes
  • To develop and support the team and myself by making sure we access the training and development opportunities available
  • To be clear about, and ensure the team have understanding of, the responsibilities of each role within the team
  • To embed meaningful team objectives that connect individuals with broader Trust-wide goals
  • To ensure the team is kept well-informed and that they understand Trust-wide and local communications and information

Our leadership promises...

  • To role model the Trust’s values and behaviours
  • To create an environment that’s inclusive and diverse, and ensure there is equality of treatment for all the team
  • To engage with, and enable the team to speak up, feedback and positively challenge
  • To be visible and apply a coaching approach to develop capability within the team, for now and the future
  • To recognise the team’s achievements and collectively share and celebrate our success
  • To understand the Trust’s vision and values and communicate this to the team, to create a shared sense of purpose
  • To develop relationships and connect our services within the organisation and across the wider system
  • To develop a wellbeing culture by prioritising the physical and mental health of myself and the team