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Our CQC Inpatient Survey results

Each year the Care Quality Commission (CQC) runs a survey through Picker, which looks at the experience of inpatients at our hospitals. The results of the survey have been released today (19 October 2021). 424 of our patients provided a response (response rate: 34.2%).

NUH was rated 'about the same' as other NHS acute hospitals in England across 44 questions.

The questions covered the following areas of care:

  • admission to hospital
  • the hospital and ward
  • doctors and nurses
  • care and treatment
  • operation and procedures
  • leaving hospital
  • overall impression

For this survey, the data for NUH was collected from patients who were inpatients in November 2020, during the second wave of COVID-19 within the UK. A sample of 1250 patients from NUH was sent a questionnaire. Of the 1250 patients: 1239 patients were eligible for the survey, of which 424 returned a completed questionnaire, giving a response rate of 34% (46% in 2019). The average response rate for the 75 ‘Picker’ trusts was 45%.

We are sharing the latest survey results with our teams to support wider shared learning and to ensure this feedback is used to inform quality improvement projects and initiatives. Our Transformation Programme, focused on Improving Inpatient Stays, will also be considering these results and using this insight to support existing improvement action plans.

Positive results

Overall experiences

  • 40% of patients rated their overall hospital experience as ‘10 out of 10’
  • 85% of patients said they were ‘always’ treated with respect and dignity

Interactions with doctors and nurses

  • Most patients (75% for doctors, and 77% for nurses) understood the answers to their questions all of the time
  • Similarly, 74% of people felt included in conversations with their doctors about their care, as did 77% of people with nurses
  • Most patients (84% for doctors and 83% for nurses) had confidence and trust in the doctors and nurses treating them


  • Almost all people (98%) in the survey experienced good levels of cleanliness in their hospital room or ward
  • 92% of patients were also able to receive the help they needed from staff to keep themselves clean

Key areas for improvement

Patient discharge from hospital

  • Before they left hospital, 30% of people were not given any written information about what they should or should not do after leaving hospital
  • 23% of people did not feel staff involved them in decisions around them leaving hospital
  • 21% did not have their family or home situation taken into account when staff planned for their discharge
  • Some people who required medicine after their inpatient stay did not receive thorough explanations about it. Only 28% were told about the side effects, 55% were given an explanation of how to take it, 48% received written information and 12% of people received no information at all
  • After leaving hospital, 21% of people said they did not get enough support needed from health and social care services to help them recover or manage their condition

Collecting patient feedback

  • Only 13% of people were asked to give their views on the quality of their care

All of our patient responses can be found on the CQC website here.