Current opportunities on Surgery wards and theatres

The Surgical Division at Nottingham University Hospitals is at the forefront of development and research in nationwide surgical care and treatment.  We provide excellent care for our patients who attend from the local community, regional and tertiary referral centres.

Our areas are located across Queen’s Medical Centre, City Hospital and Ropewalk House campuses and we offer excellent opportunities for our teams in outpatient, inpatient and theatre settings. We cover all aspects of elective and emergency surgery in a number or specialties.

This diverse speciality consists of a wide range of services for both emergency and elective patients across our sites.


Current Opportunities:

Staff Nurse Role - Job Advert (

We have a range of opportunities to work on our Surgery wards and theatres. Visit, Current jobs | NUH to find out more. 


This is what our teams say about working in surgery;

  • “The opportunities are there to develop and progress if you wish to do so.”
  • “I feel valued and appreciated for my work.”
  • “My supervisor and line manager are supportive of career progression.   Also, I am trusted to  self-manage my role and time.”
  • “The department is staffed with very talented people who are a pleasure to work with.”
  • “I have job security.  I never had to worry for a moment during the pandemic about my job or my pay and for that I am very grateful.”
  • “My current wards team are very lovely and supportive and make me look forward to coming to work.”
  • “I enjoy working as a team member in a caring environment and to be able to help people.”
  • “I feel proud to work for the NHS.  I enjoy my role and love that I'm trusted to do my job and trusted to get on with it.  I enjoy going into the office a couple of days a week and also working from home, I think it works really well.  I like my hours of work and the holiday allowance.  I appreciate the Medilink to work which is very helpful and I love the benefits of the NHS/blue light card.  I feel looked after working for NUH.”
  • “It is a friendly environment with extremely good people working hard to make it a positive friendly place for staff and patients.”


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Upcoming Events

Why not join us at one of our upcoming open days to find out more information about our Surgery Division.  We will have colleagues from across the division available to chat with you, so come armed with your questions.


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Directorates and Specialties

  • Musculoskeletal & Vascular

The Pathway is responsible for surgical specialties that support conditions around the musculoskeletal & vascular systems with around 700 members of staff working across two sites.This includes trauma & elective orthopaedics, spinal surgery, vascular surgery and sports and exercise medicine. The pathway facilitates 5,000 elective operations, 6,000 day case operations and 53,000 outpatients every year. In addition, we run an emergency service in orthopaedic trauma, spinal surgery and vascular surgery that complete over 4,000 emergency operations and 20,000 fracture clinic appointments a year


  • Vascular
  • Trauma and orthopaedics
  • Elective orthopaedics
  • Spines
  • Sports, exercise medicine
  • Major trauma



  • Neuro, Head & Neck, Major Trauma

The pathway is responsible for surgical and medical specialties supporting conditions involving the head, neck and nervous systems and patients who have experienced major trauma. There are around 900 staff members across our three sites who provide support and treatment for patients across the Midlands region. These services include audiology, clinical psychology, ear, nose & throat, major trauma, auditory implant programme, neurology, neurosurgery, neuro rehabilitation, oral and maxillofacial services, orthodontics and restorative dentistry. The pathway facilitates 7,000 daycase, 4,000 inpatient operations and 34,000 outpatient appointments per year. In addition, the service also provides an emergency service, managing 6,500 emergency admissions per year.


  • Neurology and neuro rehab
  • Neurosurgery
  • ENT
  • Audiology
  • NAIP
  • Clinical psychology
  • Oral & maxillofacial



  • Digestive Diseases

The Pathway is responsible for surgical and medical specialties supporting conditions around the digestive system with around 900 members of staff working across two sites. This includes colorectal surgery, gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy, bowel cancer screening, upper GI surgery, endocrine surgery, general surgery and hepatobiliary surgery. The pathway facilitates 2,000 elective operations, 20,000 day case operations and 40,000 outpatients every year. We are national leaders in research and are always trying to innovate to improve outcomes and experience for our patients


  • Colorectal
  • Endoscopy
  • Gastroenterology
  • UGI & endocrine
  • HPB
  • NEGS


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