Next generation COVID-19 research for patients in recovery

Next generation COVID-19 research for patients in recovery


Nottingham Recovery from COVID-19 Research Platform 

The Nottingham Recovery from COVID-19 Research Platform (NoRCoRP) brings together projects examining the impacts and lasting effects of COVID-19. It aims to translate findings from patients who are known to have contracted the virus into new approaches to treatment to support their recovery.

It also aims to provide new insights for the NHS and social care, enabling services to be more responsive to the long-term impact of caring for patients, some of whom seem to be at risk of developing longer term conditions as a consequence of COVID-19.

How this study will help patients

Many patients are experiencing ongoing breathlessness, fatigue, cognitive and psychological symptoms as a result of COVID-19. NoRCoRP will investigate the potential conditions caused by COVID-19 and provide answers as to why some people are more at risk of developing these than other people. It will also determine the most effective ways to speed up recovery.

Working with patients

Projects within NoRCoRP are already working with patients treated for COVID-19 at NUH and also with groups of NHS staff and those in high risk groups to understand more about how the virus affects people differently.

For more information

The Co-Principal Investigators for this study are Professor Ian Hall and Professor Charlotte Bolton.

If you are interested in our research into Long Covid and you have not previously been admitted to NUH for COVID-19 treatment, then you can provide your details here.