Nomination form - Team NUH Public Awards

This nomination form is for members of the public only.

Have you, a relative or a friend received great care at one of our hospitals? If so, you can nominate staff involved with yours or their care for a Team NUH Public Award.

This award is for an individual or team who have demonstrated high-quality clinical care, compassion and kindness to you or a loved one.

You can also nominate administrative or non-clinical staff if you feel they have provided 'Caring at its Best'. 

Your nomination for our staff will demonstrate any of the following criteria:

  • They take the time to care for others and care with compassion and empathy
  • They treat others with dignity and respect
  • They give patients time, respect and independence
  • They are good communicators
  • They involve patients in their treatment decisions and choices
  • They are sensitive to the needs of others

You must read the 'What we do with your information' section before submitting your nomination form.

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What we do with your information

What you should not submit via our form

Each question within our form clearly stipulates the information required from you. Please do not include further details about yourself or anyone else within this form other than that being specifically asked. If you wish to contact the Communications Team for further information, please email

What information do we collect?

From the public when submitting a nomination:

  • Your name, contact number and email.
  • The name of your nominee/s, their contact details (or those of a relevant colleague), and work location.
  • The reason for your nomination.
  • Whether you are a partner, relative or close friend of the nominee/ team you are nominating.
  • Your permission to share the details of your nomination with the nominee/s. 
  • Your permission for us to contact you.
  • Whether the nominee/s is/are aware of your nomination.


How we use your information

  • Your personal data gathered in this form will only be used to contact you if:
  • Your nomination is not complete or has not been submitted correctly, so that we can get in touch to help you and make sure it reaches the judges.
  • The person/team you have nominated has been shortlisted for, highly commended for, or won an award. 
  • None of your personal information is sold on or shared with any third party organisation.


Who can access your information

  • Communication Team members. This access is required to confirm your nomination and to keep an accurate record of who you are nominating.


How we store your information

  • When a web form has been submitted, an email notifying the Communications Team of the submission is generated and sent. This email contains no personal information. The email does contain a link to a secure web address where an individual submitted personal information can be securely downloaded from our SSL encrypted website and saved within our protected hospital computer network. Click here to find out more about SSL encryption.


How long we store your information for

  • We will delete the data gathered above after 12 months


Removal of your information from our records

  • You are entitled to request that we remove any personal information we have about you stored within our systems at any time. For more information on how to do this please email


For further information please visit our Privacy, cookies and disclaimer page.

Click here more detailed information about how organisations are required to manage personal and identifiable information.