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To book and pay for a NIPT test online using our secure booking system please visit the electronic portal

Alternatively please phone the private Patient Booking line on 07812 275 822.

The telephone line is open Monday-Thursday 7:30am – 4pm and on Friday from 7:30am – 12pm.

NIPT Patient Information Leaflet

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NIPT Screening Laboratory


  • The Clinical Pathology department at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust has provided an antenatal screening service for Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Sherwood Forest for over 25 years
  • The laboratory has a dedicated team of experienced clinical scientists who are fully trained and competency assessed
  • The Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust provides a fully  UKAS accredited (No. 8848) NIPT assay
  • The laboratory is fully compliant with the NHS Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme Service Specification No. 16 and the NHS Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme Handbook for Laboratories
  • The laboratory participates in external quality assurance and DQASS quality schemes



"In my first pregnancy, my husband and I had elective NIPT privately at around 10 weeks.  As my first pregnancy, we wanted comfort at an early stage that there were no issues genetically or, if there were any issues, to have some time to consider our options before we had started announcing the news to others and before the pregnancy was too advanced that the options became more limited and/or more difficult. 

For my second pregnancy in 2021, I was pleased to learn that I had the opportunity to undergo NIPT via the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.  There were a number of benefits to this, the first being that it remained with the NHS and within the NHS system, unlike private testing, the second being the subsidised cost.  I do think that for many people this will make NIPT more accessible and affordable, and to undergo such testing at an earlier stage in the pregnancy.  Whilst my first pregnancy had been, overall, uneventful, I knew someone who had a similar first pregnancy but the testing in the second pregnancy had revealed a positive trisomy result during the routine testing that took place at around 12-14 weeks. This reinforced our decision to undertake NIPT through the NHS at an early stage to ascertain whether there were any issues in the second pregnancy.

We found the whole process to be seamless.  The results were prompt and clearly presented (clearer than the private company we had used in the first pregnancy).  In our experience, we were left comforted and reassured, which in the early stages of pregnancy is essential.  If the results had not been what we had hoped for, we would have been grateful for the knowledge at an early stage and to have time to discuss the results and decide upon the next steps.

I should also mention the option to find out the gender of the baby earlier than the 20-week scan.  This is something we opted for but was an “extra” for us rather than one of the deciding reasons for undergoing the testing.  I expect many people will see this as an added benefit to the service provided.

In my view, which is shared by my husband, ideally NIPT would be available to everyone without charge.  We do, however, appreciate the constraints on the NHS and appreciate what the NUH NHS Trust can offer on a subsidised basis.  We hope other NHS Trusts will follow suit."