Nottingham Pump Priming Fund Application Form

Nottingham Pump Priming Fund Application Form

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Research Pump Priming Competition NottsSPRING 2023

How we use your data

The information you submit via this form will only be used to assess your application for funding from the Nottingham Hospitals Charity Research Fund.

The processing and management of your application and all data contained within it is carried out by the Research & Innovation department at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH).

The data form this form is also shared with the funder, Nottingham Hospitals Charity.

Why we need your information

The information requested in this form is related to your application for funding from Nottingham Hospitals Charity and the details of your proposed research study only.

How long we keep your data

We will only retain your data for the minimum period of time which will enable us to:

  • process applications;
  • assess and evaluate applications in order to make deciopons about the award of fundig grants;
  • to performance manage successful grant applications for the entirity of the funding period and in relation to any related/follow-on grant applications as specified in our terms & conditions
  • any applicable legal, accounting, reporting or regulatory requirements which specify how long certain records must be kept.  

What you should not submit via our form

Each question within our form clearly stipulates the information required from you. Please do not include further details about yourself or anyone else within this form other than that being requested.

If you need any further clarification please contact the Research & Innovation Communications Team: R&

What information do we collect?

  • Your name
  • Your institution
  • Your email
  • Your co-applicants information
  • Previous applicants for funding information
  • Your research plan
  • Costs of your proposed research plan
  • Plans to involve the public in your research

About the data we collect 

Your personal data gathered in this form will only be used in relation to your application for funding from Nottingham Hospitals Charity.

  • Your personal information is used only for the requirements to process, assess and independently evaluate/validate your application for research funding

Who has access to this form

This form is managed by the Research & Innovation Communications team, who are employees of the Research & Innovation department of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. 

The data collected by this form is used by the Funding Development Team in the Research & Innovation department (the form owner).

Requesting the removal of your data

You are entitled to request that we remove any personal information we have about you stored within our systems at any time. For more information on how to do this please email R&

Click here more detailed information about how organisations are required to manage personal and identifiable information.

How this website uses your data

For further information please visit our Privacy, cookies and disclaimer page.

Application Checklist

Supporting documentation

The following supporting documentation is required:

  1. One single-side A4 page listing references used throughout your proposal.
  2. A letter of support from your Head of Service/Department confirming:
    • that the study outlined in this application has their support
    • that appropriate support is available within the department
    • That the applicant is allowed time out of their job plan/clinical duties to undertake this research project.
  3. A completed and authorised Reserach & Innovation costing template.

Addtional supporting documentation

If relevant, an additional supporting (single side of A4) document can be submitted with your application to provide the following information:

  • a flow diagram illustrating the study design and the flow of patients
  • Gantt chart detailing tasks and milestones

Before you submit

Please make sure that you have the following information prepared before you begin completing the application form:

  • NUH Research & Innovation authorised costing template.
  • Supporting Letter from Head of Service/Department.
  • Gantt chart (where applicable, 1 single side of A4 only).
  • References (1 single side of A4 only).
  • Funder Feedback information for previous unsuccessful applications for this proposal (where relevant)

Word count

The form restricts the number of words/characters you can insert to enable you to keep within the stated word count limits. You will n ot be able to submit an apploication which exceeds these limits.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please note that the following terms and conditions will apply to successful applications.

Novel research

  • The submitted proposal should be for original research and should not have been previously published


The Nottingham Hospitals Charity should be acknowledged on all project documentation including, but not limited to

  • protocol
  • IRAS form
  • patient information sheet
  • future grant applications where data from this award has been used.

All outputs from research projects funded by Nottingham Hospitals Charity should acknowledge this funding.

Financial management

Funding will be awarded for between two and a maximum of three years.  

All income awarded should be utilised by the end date stated in your application. It will not be permissible to carry over any underspend to: 

  • a different proposal
  • to use the unused funding for purposes outside the remit of the application

Underspendings must be returned to Nottingham Hospitals Charity.


Payments will be made in stages, based on the successful completion of the agreed progerss of the research project.

the final payment will only be released following the submission of a final written to Nottingham Hospitals Charity. The report shpuld include:

  • details of the utilisation of the funding provided
  • the next steps for progression of the project, including timescales for further externally funded grant applications.

Performance management

Nottingham University Hospitals Research & Innovation Department will performance manage all awarded NUH Charity Pump Priming applications to ensure the successful delivery of the project outcomes.

It is anticipated that a meeting will be conducted every 3-months to report progress.  The outcome of these meetings will be reported to Nottingham Hospital Charity Board to ensure accountability.

The applicant and a member of the NUH R&I Funding Development Team will meet approximately 6-months after the close of the award to check on the progress of next phase of the project.  

Meetings with the applicant and R&I Funding Development Team will continue until confirmation of future funding is received.