We are in the process of applying to become an NHS Foundation Trust.

Becoming a Foundation Trust will give our staff, our patients and members of the local community a greater say in how their hospitals are run. Greater involvement will mean that together we will be able to make improvements to services and continue to offer the highest quality of care.

Being a Foundation Trust will mean that we remain firmly part of the NHS but will have greater freedom to manage our budgets and shape the services we provide to better reflect the needs and priorities of our local community.

The way we are managed will change too, making it easier for us to take account of the views of patients, local people, staff and partners and by doing so, offer patients faster, better and more responsive healthcare.

We believe that being a Foundation Trust will enable us to offer the following benefits:

  • For patients: greater choice and improvements in care
  • For the public: greater involvement and accountability
  • For our staff: greater freedom and more influence
  • For the Trust: greater freedom and less bureaucracy

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Foundation Trust

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