Measles: Information for visitors

Further cases of Measles have been confirmed at our hospitals over the last week. We have now seen 14 confirmed cases and there are a further 10 suspected cases. This includes patients and staff. The majority of confirmed cases have developed in the community and have been diagnosed in the Emergency Department and admitting areas, but some staff working in these areas have also now been affected. Measles is highly infectious and therefore it is likely that the numbers of cases will increase in the coming weeks. 

We are taking all necessary measures to reduce the spread of infection, including isolating all inpatients with confirmed and suspected Measles as a precaution,screening staff in areas where new cases are confirmed and prioritising immunisations for staff in the areas where we have seen cases present or likely to present.  The majority of cases to date have had mild symptoms but measles can cause serious complications and, in rare cases, can be fatal. We advise the people of Nottingham to avoid attending ED and to contact their GP by telephone in the first instance if they suspect they have measles. Symptoms include cold-like symptoms, red eyes that may be sensitive to light, a fever, white spots inside the mouth and a rash that starts from the face and spreads down the body. The best way to protect yourself against measles and mumps is to get two doses of the MMR vaccine.