Location and lifestyle

Nottingham is a cosmopolitan and diverse city, combining the best of old and new, and is a great place in which to live, work and play.

The three campuses of Nottingham University Hospitals are based in and around the city centre with direct access to all of the amenities and attractions. 25% of Nottingham is made up of green spaces and parks but within a short journey you can be in the spectacular surrounding countryside of the Peak District, Sherwood Forest, Rutland Water and the Lincolnshire coast. Whilst you’re probably already familiar with Robin Hood (and yes, there is still a castle and a Sherriff), there is so much more to Nottingham than its

Nottingham’s heritage has been built on innovation in textiles, lace making, pharmaceuticals and technology. Ibuprofen was discovered in Nottingham – as was tarmac, the traffic light, HP Sauce, the video tape recorder and high pressure water. We’re also home to MRI – developed here and still at the heart of our world-leading research.

Nottingham is one of the fastest growing med-tech locations in the country and is leading in industries as diverse as fashion and gaming.