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Theatre leader honoured with special NHS70 Award after 20 years service

Deborah Spence, Deputy Team Leader in Urology at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH), was awarded the prestigious Chair’s Award at the annual NUHonours Awards for her commitment and dedication to Team NUH.

Deborah’s two decades at NUH has seen her work as a mentor for student Operational Department Practitioners (ODPs) who work in Urology theatres. Her daughter Stacey, who also works at NUH, nominated her mum for the unique award.

On winning the award, Deborah said: “I was not expecting to win let alone be nominated for NHS 70 Award. I feel well and truly blessed to not only work for such a fantastic organisation, I am privileged to be able to work closely with students helping to shape and mould them in their future careers as they progress to be part of the NHS. I am so blessed to be able to do my role caring for patients and supporting the next generation of the NHS. We are all small cogs as part of this huge engine which is the NHS and I am so proud to be part of this it is such an honour!”

Stacey Spence, Theatre Support Worker, said: “Mum has helped and supported thousands of patients, colleagues and students during her time working in the NHS. She is always so enthusiastic about her job which she clearly loves and has a passion for.”

Stacey said her mum has inspired her to train to become an ODP and to follow in her footsteps, adding: “She never turns down the opportunity to learn new skills either. Having worked in Urology theatres for near enough her whole career, she knows the speciality like the back of her hand. She is always on hand to help with any equipment or offering emotional support to her team too!”

The special NHS 70 Award winner was selected and presented by Trust Chair Eric Morton, who chose from a shortlist of five exceptional shortlisted staff members. The award is in honour of the NHS celebrating its 70th birthday this year and was kindly sponsored by Nottingham City Transport.

Eric Morton, NUH Trust Chair, said: “This award recognises those who showcase NUH values and behaviours in everything they do, from the care that they show to our patients to their approach to challenges.

"We received so many nominations for this award which truly highlights the great work that is happening in our departments and on our wards.”

The annual NUHonours Awards are made possible thanks to the support of Nottingham Hospitals Charity.


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