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Ramadan Kareem to all our Muslim colleagues

Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) welcomes the start of Ramadan, an important month for Muslims when the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

Muslims from around the world including staff at NUH will fast from sunrise to sunset. This is a time for extra worship, self-discipline, reflection, giving to charity, expression of gratitude and compassion for the less fortunate.

NUH managers and teams are urged to support their Muslim colleagues in their endeavour to have a spiritually enriching and fulfilling month of worship. Support can include allowing colleagues flexibility in working hours and allowing time to attend prayers at NUH prayer rooms.

Iftar packs will be available in the prayer rooms and the D floor restaurant at QMC and Maternity Hotel at City Campus will be open 24/7 serving hot food with a vegetarian option.

Amnah Shah, Freedom to Speak Up Guardian at NUH, said: "Ramadan has always been a special month for me. It gives me an opportunity to reflect and uplift my faith and my relationship with God.

"Not only is it a time of immense blessing and rewards but also a time to spend with family and friends and the wider Muslim community by sharing food and attending the Mosque to ‘break fast’ together and pray in congregation.

"As Muslims, we are assured rewards by refraining from food and water during the day and busying ourselves with extra worship which include spending time reading the Qur’an and giving as much as possible to the less fortunate. In doing so, we show mercy and expect mercy from God.

"This also shows us how much we can spare for others and how much we can reduce our own consumption, leading to gratitude and recognising the blessings we have as well as what we don’t have and striving to be content with both."

Hafsa, Bank Chaplain, Spiritual and Pastoral Care, said: "Ramadan is a time that I reconnect with my lord . I worship my lord  asking him to be pleased with me and my family.

"I try to focus on doing more charity work and helping in the community .

"My spiritual batteries are recharged .

"I come into Ramadan with worries anxieties and I leave them all them with god .

"Balancing family life and work and trying to save enough energy to make the most of this blessed month." 

Although national restrictions have been lifted, Covid cases continue, and as we have vulnerable members of staff and patients at NUH, it is important that we continue to stay safe during this blessed month.

If you want to show allyship and gratitude join the #NHSRamadanChallenge. More information at https://nhsmuslimnetwork/nhsramadanchallenge. @NHSMuslimNet, @NHSMuslimNetwork @nhsmuslimnetwork.com.

NUH interviewed Dr Aamner Ali about his thoughts too. Watch this video and find out more. 

Wishing you all a blessed Ramadan!

In 2023, Ramadan begins on Wednesday 22 March and ends on Friday 21 April.

Additional resources

Ramadan and Eid Guidance 2023 – NHS Muslim Network

Muslim Council of Britain – Ramadan guide


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