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Patients asked to shape memory menu

Nottinghamshire residents are being asked to tell us what their favourite meals are, to help inform the next leg of the Memory Menu at Nottingham University Hospitals.

They are once again being given the chance to put forward their favourite local meals, and those from their childhood, to be part of this popular initiative.

Earlier this year Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust launched our first ever ‘Memory Menu’ to encourage patients to tuck in and help with their recovery, as well as helping older people eat well. This menu replaced the ordinary hospital mealtime menu for patients on hospital wards.

Ann-Marie Riley, Deputy Chief Nurse at NUH said: “Making sure patients are well nourished is an important part of their recovery. It also helps them avoid losing any of their mobility and independence, which is important in helping them go home sooner.”

Earlier this year, Karen spent seven weeks as a patient on Loxley Ward at City Hospital; she shared her favourite dish from the current Memory Menu.

Karen said: “I love roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with all the trimmings – it’s one of my family favourites and at the hospital every Sunday they provide a roast dinner.  It was really lovely and I appreciated this.”

Nottingham University Hospitals serves 1,800 meals each day to patients on wards and these are created using fresh local ingredients.

Chris Neal, Head of Catering at NUH said: “The Memory Menu is designed by patients for patients and I am passionate about the work we have done here since launching as you can see it really makes a difference to helping promote better recovery for patients. If people like what they are eating and are given some options in choosing what is on offer it will help. Nutrition is the main form of medicine - if patients are eating well it can help them with their recovery.”

To get involved and share your memory menu suggestion and favourite dish email or on social media using the hashtag #nuhmemorymenu


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