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NUH staff survey results show Trust is making positive changes but still has room to improve

Nottingham University Hospitals 2022 National NHS Staff Survey results have been published.

The survey identifies areas where the Trust is performing well and where improvements need to be made. The results will be used to continue to improve staff experience, service delivery, and patient care.

Nearly 8,000 members of staff took part, which was 4% higher than 2021 and the highest response rate achieved in the last 5 years.

During his first 100 days, Chief Executive of the Trust, Anthony May set out to immerse himself in NUH, having more than 3,000 conversations with staff, patients, volunteers and partners to understand what it is like to work for, receive care at and interact with the NUH.

This resulted in the People First report, which highlighted where improvements can be made, and set out a strategy to achieve this.

At the heart of the report was the need to make NUH the employer of choice, which recruits and retains the most talented staff. The staff survey results will help to shape that ambition.

Whilst the Trust has improved in many areas compared with 2021, which is a positive trajectory providing a good foundation for NUH to build on, there is still more to do and room for further improvement.

Key themes from the survey results include:     

• More staff recommend NUH as a good place to work and feel involved with decision making and being able to show initiative to drive improvement. Results show evidence of supporting wellbeing, flexible working and encouragement.

• The Trusts focussed work around harassment and bullying is having some positive impact on staff experience.

• Staff having the confidence to speak up is improving.

Anthony May Chief Executive said:

“The organisation is full of remarkable people doing amazing things, in difficult circumstances, every day.” “We will continue to strive to improve the working lives and conditions of our dedicated staff. We know there is much more to do, and this is why I continue to meet staff regularly to listen to their concerns."

Over the next few weeks, the Trust will process the results to consider how they support their People First plan; and will continue to share information about how they are improving the workplace and the care they give to patients.


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