Just Do It

Just Do Its are all about enabling staff to put their great ideas into action - and so far hundreds have been.

Big changes take time to plan, deliver and implement, but sometimes there are smaller changes - just simple things - which can make all the difference right now.

Where something can be changed for the better, we don't wait.  If we can, we'll say, Just Do It and give the go-ahead to make ideas happen.

What is a Just Do It?

A Just Do It is a great idea that makes things better for staff, patients or visitors. Just Do Its are part of the way that Better for You is changing things for the better. What makes it a Just Do It idea is that, with support from Better for You, staff can make it happen. 

How can you Just Do It

If you're a memebr of staff and have something you'd like to see changed for the better here's how you can Just Do It:

  • talk to the Better for You project team in your department / division

  • or go along to one of the Better for You project hubs and tell them your idea. Or write on a post-it and put your idea up on the Ideas Wall

Just Do It Awards

The next Just Do It awards will be held in April 2018 to recognise staff who have quickly and easily implemented their own ideas using the Just Do It programme. 

Thank you - we are very pleased that the Just Do It awards are supported by the NUH Charity.

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