Information for new doctors

Hello and welcome to Team NUH. 

You have been directed here via your welcome and offer letters and we hope to help make your journey as smooth as possible. 

These pages have been designed to provide you with the documents, links and contacts to those important and mandatory elements and provide you with a checklist of what you must do before your first day, what you need to do on day 1 and what you need to do once you have started.

What you need to do as soon as possible & definitely before your first day

Pre-Employment Checks

The details of your specific checks are highlighted in your offer letter.  Please ensure you submit the required documents within the timescale required.

Salary Payments

Pay Services will require the following forms to be completed before you start, to ensure you can be paid on time. These are also included in your offer letter:

  • Previous pay slip
  • Bank details
  • Pensions form
  • P46/starter checklist
  • Equal opportunities form

Please complete the forms attached with your offer letter and post directly to Pay Services, St Francis, City Hospital, NG5 1PB.

ID badge

You will need an ID badge relevant to your post at NUH. Please ensure you complete the form here, and send back with a photograph, to our access control team at

Failure to do this before you start will mean you may not be able to gain access many of our clinical areas.

What you may wish to do before your first day

Car parking permits

We would like to give you the opportunity to apply for a car parking permit before you start work. This will enable the Car Parking Team to process your application in time for your first day.

You can apply for a permit at QMC, City Hospital or both campuses. You will need to submit an application via Indigo. Click here to go to the application site. Use 44444444 in place of your assignment number on the application.

Click here for further information about parking permits and the Trust's Travel Better scheme.

Please bear in mind that parking on both sites (particularly QMC) is limited, even if you have a permit parking on both sites. It may be more time effective to park at the Park and Ride and travel in. You can find more informaiton about the P&R here

Doctor's Mess

If you require access to the Doctor's Mess please contact

You can download the application form for QMC here.

You can download the application form for City Hospital here.

Study leave

You can request for study leave via:

Your new starter checklist

What you must do before your first day

  • Documents sent to HR Recruitment for pre-employment checks
  • Salary document completed and sent to pay services
  • ID badge request completed and emailed

What you may wish to do

  • Car parking permit request completed
  • Doctor's Mess form completed and emailed
  • Request study leave or know how to request study leave
  • Request annual leave
  • Ensure you have local induction details

What you need to do on day 1

Ensure you attend Corporate Doctor's Induction if you have been requested to, and visit the following stations:

  • HR Recruitment – original documents required for verification/collect your ID badge 
  • Pay Services – submit your pay form if you have not already sent
  • ICT – To ensure you have your login details and necessary access to clinical systems
  • Occupational Health
  • Visit other stations relevant to your role
  • Attend your local induction

What to do once you have started in post

  • Pick up your ID badge if you have received a temporary badge from Access Control (only issued if you do not send us a photo in advance). 

Important contacts

  • Medical HR:
  • For key training issues that you have queries about, please contact the DME PA
  • If you are LTFT and have a query:
  • If you are returning to training and have queries:

Junior Doctor Coordinators (Rota Coordinators)

Acute Medicine

  • Hospital at Night / General Medicine rotas includes F2, CT1, CT2 from most medical specialties (e.g HCOP, Respiratory, Oncology etc.)
  • Call ext: 56733 / 62005
Site Name Role Extension
QMC Shilpy Khanom Rota and Performance Manager


City Paul Maher Rota Coordinator 62213

Emergency Department rotas

Site Name Role Extension
QMC Clair Clarke Junior Doctor Coordinator 61153
Natalie Hancox


Cancer and Associated Specialties ST3+ rotas - diabetes, renal, infectious diseases, cardiac ST3+ rotas

Site Name Role Extension
QMC/City Louise Noble Junior Doctor Coordinator 76112


Digestive Diseases and Thoracics (Surgical Specialities), Musculoskeletal, Neuro, Spines

Site Name Role Extension
QMC Vacant Junior Doctor Coordinator 67798
City Gemma Horton Junior Doctor Coordinator 55290

Family Health

Site Name Role Extension
Paediatrics, Paediatric Intensive Care Unit    
QMC Benjamin Wilson Junior Doctor Coordinator 62010
Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Neonatal Intensive Care    
QMC/City Kathryn Wise Junior Doctor Coordinator 61275
Head and Neck (ENT)      
QMC Leanne Clifford Junior Doctor Coordinator 65217

Specialist Services


Site Name Role Extension
City Vanessa Bacon Admin & Role Coordinator 55637
QMC Pauline Campbell Rota Coordinator 61195

ITU/Critical Care

Site Name Role Extension
QMC/City Louise Noble Junior Doctor Coordinator 51112



Site Name Role Extension
  Elizabeth Marks Medical Staffing Advisor

0115 9555408 ext 11558


Rehab Medicine

Site Name Role Extension
  Mary Antoun Consultant 59003