Hearing aid repair clinics

  • Carlton Health Centre – Monday mornings
  • Keyworth Health Centre (repairs and triage) - Monday Afternoons
  • Bulwell Health Centre (repairs and triage) – Tuesday Mornings
  • Clifton Health Centre – Tuesday Mornings
  • Lark Hill Retirement Village – Tuesday afternoon (once a month)
  • Hucknall Health Centre and Arnold Health Centre – Wednesday Mornings
  • Arnold Health Centre – Wednesday Afternoons
  • West Bridgford Health Centre – Thursday morning 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month
  • Bingham Health Centre -Thursday Afternoon 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month
  • Bulwell Health Centre (triage only)  – Thursday Afternoons 
  • Beeston Health Centre – Friday mornings
  • Eastwood Health Centre - Friday mornings
  • Stapleford Health Centre (repairs and triage) – Friday mornings

All clinics listed above offer repairs unless otherwise stated. 

Repair or replacement of faulty hearing aids, which includes:

  • servicing including routine replacement of filters and accessories
  • impressions for replacement earmoulds
  • modification of earmoulds for comfort and acoustic reasons
  • minor adjustment to hearing aid settings.

Some of the clinics above (as indicated) offer triage, which includes:

  • triage for reassessment of hearing aid needs
  • hearing reassessment for people with obsolete hearing aids
  • hearing reassessment for people whose hearing needs have changed
  • minor adjustment to hearing aid settings
  • signposting and referral for further management.