Health Record Request form

Requests for Health Record information from other healthcare providers

This page is intended for the use of other NHS hospitals who need to request healthcare records/information from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH) to support current patient care. Organisations who request records are responsible for making sure that they obtain appropriate patient consent. NUH will not normally require written evidence of this consent but may do so in particular circumstances.

Nottingham University Hospital Trusts holds records in digital and/or paper format.  Records can be supplied on request to other NHS Hospitals as either electronic PDF files OR as photocopies of paper records dependent upon their current format.

ROUTINE requests will be fulfilled within 5 working days, so please ensure requests are made well before the date that records are required.

URGENT requests in relation to admitted care will be processed the same day between 8.30am and 4.30pm.  Requests made outside of these times must be backed up with a phone call to 0115 9249924 Ext 63137 or 53258.

Download the Health Record Request Form here: Health Record Request Form v1.docx [docx] 69KB


Completing & sending your request

You can request up to 3 patients on one form, although multiple completed forms can be attached to one email.

Before sending check that you have completed all of the mandatory items.  Requests that are missing mandatory information will not be fulfilled and will be returned for completion.

Please title requests for records CASENOTE REQUEST so that every request is easily identifiable to us, but please do not include patient identifiable information in the title of the email e.g. ‘Request for Mrs Smith’.

Secure Transfer Protocol

Once completed, this document will contain patient identifiable information; it is therefore your responsibility to ensure that any completed forms are sent securely. We recommend that you use an account to do this.

Completed forms should be emailed to


Our Policy

Where information is stored digitally it is our policy to supply information relating to the last episode of NUH care, and not to supply the entire medical record to other organisations to support current patient care, unless the requestor has provided appropriate clinical justification.

For general enquires or to report a problem please email