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Magnet accreditation FAQs

What is Magnet accreditation?

Magnet® is a status awarded to healthcare organisations if they reach the American Nursing Credentialing Center standards for quality care, nursing excellence and innovation.

Magnet is not a single project but an ongoing process and culture of nursing excellence.

Why seek Magnet accreditation?

Magnet creates a framework to support an excellent work place culture and advances three goals within healthcare organisations:

  • exemplary clinical care
  • excellent patient experience
  • excellent staff experience to promote job satisfaction and retention

What does it mean for nurses at NUH?

The Magnet journey identifies the excellent nursing care that NUH provides, meaning staff feel appreciated and have an increased sense of pride in their role.

Some examples of the characteristics defining Magnet hospitals are: emphasis on personal and professional development, shared decision making, mutual respect and autonomy for nurses.

These closely align to features that improve job satisfaction. Being part of a Magnet Accredited Hospital will be advantageous to a nurse’s future career opportunities as it recognises the high standards of care they provide.

How long does it take?

The journey to Magnet status typically takes three to six years and requires an organisation to meet an evidence-based set of standards, with renewal every four years.

NUH has been aligning with the Magnet framework since 2010 and we aim to submit our application for assessment in autumn 2019.

Why don’t all hospitals have Magnet accreditation?

Applying for Magnet accreditation is a significant time and resource investment.

To apply, an organisation must have shown exemplary patient and staff outcomes and have two years of benchmarked data/evidence to demonstrate this.

NUH aims to be the first hospital in the UK accredited in line with the current Magnet model. 

How much does it cost?

The Magnet application process has a significant cost, however the evidence we have suggests that this cost will be more than paid back through the benefits the programme will deliver in relation to improved patient outcomes and staff experience.

Nottingham Hospitals Charity is supporting our Magnet journey in line with its ongoing commitment to promote delivery of world-class care in Nottingham.

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