Your Pregnancy & Birth

Being pregnant is both an exciting and often daunting experience for mothers, partners and their families.  There are lots of things to think about and decisions to be made along with hundreds of questions to be asked, especially so for first time parents.  We want you to have the best possible experience during this very special time.  

For Information on our current parent and antenatal classes, please follow this link :

You can find general information and advice for different stages of your pregnancy below:

Stages of Pregnancy

12 Weeks

Your baby at 12 weeks:

Baby Buddy App:


Weight management:


BBC Tiny Happy People:


Infant Feeding Leaflets:

16 weeks

Your baby at 16 weeks:

Smoking video:





You and your partner videos:

18 weeks

Your baby at 18 weeks:

Big Little Moments:

Anomaly Scan:

Information on paternal mental health:

Infant Feeding:

Healthy Lifestyle message videos:

20 weeks

Your baby at 20 weeks:



Exercise and pelvic floor exercises in pregnancy:

Healthy eating in pregnancy:

Skin to Skin contact:

Rights at work video:

22 Weeks

Your baby at 22 weeks:

Mental health

Choices Leaflet:

Different types of birth:

24 Weeks

Your baby at 24 weeks:

Problems and warning signs:

Smoking in pregnancy video:

Pelvic floor exercises:

Being overweight in pregnancy:

26 Weeks

Your baby at 26 weeks:




30 Weeks

Offer and book MSW home visit between 33-36 weeks

Your baby at 30 weeks:

Problems and warning sign videos:

Baby Blues and postnatal depression:

32 Weeks

Your baby at 32 weeks:

Preparing for birth videos:

Use of water in labour leaflet:

Breastfeeding videos:

Positioning and attachment video:

Attaching baby at the breast:

How to express:

33-36 Weeks

MSW Home visit: discuss what to pack; mother’s guide leaflet; contact numbers; partners visiting/restrictions; offer smoking and weight management re-referral

35 Week

Your baby at 35 weeks:

Problems and warning signs videos:

Reducing your risk of perineal tears:

Coping with the latent phase of labour:

Your mental health videos:

Emotions after childbirth leaflet:

Infant feeding leaflets:

Bottle feeding videos:

Screening tests for baby: and leaflets (in various languages to download:

Baby Check – is your baby really ill?:

37 Weeks

Information about the postnatal visiting schedule

Your baby at 37 weeks:

Problems and warning signs videos:

You and your partner videos:

Pre-labour spontaneous rupture of membranes leaflet:

39 Weeks

Your baby at 38 weeks:

Problems and warning signs videos;

Baby Blues:

Planned caesarean at 37-39 weeks:

Use of antenatal corticosteroids before planned caesarean birth at term

40 Weeks

Your baby at 40 weeks:

Problems and warning sign videos:

Outpatient IOL leaflet:

Postnatal depression and perinatal mental health:

Baby Check – is your baby really ill?:

41 Weeks

Your baby at 41 weeks:


42 weeks

Your baby at 42 weeks: