Emotional wellbeing

We know that sometimes life can be challenging. 

We offer a range of support services for staff who are finding life more difficult.


Need support? Ring our free, confidential helpline for advice and support at any time night or day on 0800 783 2808

We also provide support through our Occupational Health counselling team, Union and Staffside representatives and the Spiritual and Pastoral Care team.

The NHS Employers toolkit for emotional wellbeing is now available online. This easy to use programme gives you the chance to think about how you're feeling today, identify ways to build your emotional resilience, find it easier to talk to others both about how you're feeling and how they might be feeling too. You can access the toolkit here.


Coping with stress and building resilience workshops

Led by our clinical psychologist and CBT therapist, our Coping with Stress and Building Resilience workshop aims to introduce the concept of stress and its common symptoms. You’ll be given the opportunity to learn and practice various techniques to help you cope with stress. This includes an introduction to mindfulness and compassion based approaches. These aim to help you to take better care of yourself and improve your quality of life at home and work.

The workshop lasts for 3 hours and you will be provided with handouts to take away. Workshops will be held at various intervals throughout the year alternating between City Hospital and QMC.

Email staffwellbeing@nuh.nhs.uk for future dates.

If you would like to hold a Coping with Stress Workshop in your department as part of a team day, this can be arranged. Email staffwellbeing@nuh.nhs.uk for a booking form. Please note that these can only take place on a Wednesday.


Mindfulness course

We run 8 week mindfulness courses, taster and refresher sessions and mindful eating workshops. All sessions will take place on Wednesdays at City Hsopital and QMC.

For more information email staffwellbeing@nuh.nhs.uk.


Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become a popular word of late but what is it and how do you do it? People who practice mindfulness regularly have experienced reduced stress, higher levels of resilience and improved job satisfaction. They also report increased motivation, attention, concentration and enhanced creativity and decision making abilities. This one hour session led by our Staff Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, will explain what mindfulness is, how you can use it, and give you the opportunity to try out some short practices.


Stress Awareness Course

This one hour workshop explains the concept of stress and explores what causes stress in our everyday lives. The course will consider how we can identify when we are feeling stressed and how to tackle it. Participants will be supported in developing a 'personal wellbeing plan' which will enable them to begin to develop different ways of taking care of themselves.


Lets Talk Mental Health- FROM JUNE 2019

This two hour workshop aims to start people talking more about mental health, both our own mental health and that of our colleagues, friends and family. During this workshop we will explore how we all have varying mental health throughout our lives depending on our life circumstances and how to notice and support someone who has deteriorating mental health.

The course covers:

  • Common myths and stigma around mental ill health.
  • How we look after our own mental health.
  • How to build resilience in dealing with stress to support good mental wellbeing.
  • Developing a personal wellbeing plan.
  • Signposting to mental health services or talking therapies.

Resources will be available to take away to access additional support and information about mental health.


Email staffwellbeing@nuh.nhs.uk for more information or details on how to book any of the workshops above.


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