Early pregnancy

The early pregnancy assessment unit is a nurse led service. Women are referred to EPAU from community practitioners, i.e GP, midwife, NEMS, Walk-In-Centre. Women are referred to have a scan to determine the viability of the pregnancy. Issues that mainly raise concerns regarding the viability of the pregnancy are vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain and hyperemesis although there may be other reasons. Women will talk to a EPAU nurse specialist and have a history of any concerns taken, then have a scan. After the scan the woman will then be seen by the EPAU nurse and counselled of the scan results. If any further follow up is deemed necessary then this will be made with the EPAU nurse.

Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic

The recurrent miscarriage clinic is for women who have had three early pregnancy losses. 
It doesn't matter if these incidents are consecutive, you can be seen even if you have had a successful pregnancy. 

This service is for women who want another pregnancy, as we rarely find answers about why a previous loss has occurred. 

The most important part of care is support, but for some women we do find a reason why you have miscarried in the past. In these cases it is sometimes possible to offer treatment

To download an information leaflet about miscarriage please use the link below:

GP admissions

Women are referred to GP admissions for an emergency consultation with a gynaecology doctor for any concerns relating to gynaecology concerns (concerns regarding a woman’s reproductive organs) or early pregnancy complications. Women are referred to GP admissions via a community practitioner i.e GP, midwife, NEMS, Walk-In-Centre. Once a woman has arrived to GP admissions they will have a history and observations i.e blood pressure, heart rate, temperature etc taken and asked for a urine sample. They will then be seen and possibly examined by a doctor and a plan of care created for them. For the majority of women they will be discharged home with medical advice however if necessary some women are admitted into the hospital for further observation and treatment. Women are seen in order of attendance unless there is a woman with a medical emergency that requires urgent treatment.

Hydration suite

A23 offers a day case hydration suite for patients suffering with hyperemesis (severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy). We provided IV fluids and IV anti-sickness medication without the need for being admitted into hospital. Initially a woman will be referred in by a community practitioner but then will be able to self refer themselves into A23 for further hydration if required. We offer support and advice regarding living with hyperemesis and can sign post them to the Pregnancy Sickness Support Group.

Procedure area

A23 has a procedure area where we are able to preform minor procedures. We mainly provide Manual Vaccum Aspiration’s for ladies who have suffered miscarriages and Incision and Drainage of abscesses. It is a purpose built room with its own recovery area, changing rooms and toilet facility.