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NUH Radiology is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of radiologist expertise, equipment, accurate reports and quality images specific to your needs. We strive to continually improve and make sure the highest quality is always delivered.

As a referring medical practitioner, your feedback is extremely valuable and always welcome, we encourage you to let us know what we do well and where we need to improve by clicking the link and completing the online survey here: Radiology Pathways Survey 

Referrer information

Radiology Alerts (Rad Alerts) update:

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Radiology have introduced a new system called Conserus - an automated notifications system for Radiology Alerts (Rad Alerts) within NUH.

This has improved the workflow, communications and streamlined processes within the department and the Trust.

Radiologists can now send an automated alert direct from an image they are reporting.

  • Internal referrers receive an e-mail and screen pop-up immediately notifying them that an alert has been sent and requires follow-up.
  • No change for GP’s and external referrers who are alerted in the usual way a phone call from the Radiology Administration team

If a report has not been received electronically for any reason it is sent via fax to a designated safe haven.


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