Our Emergency Department is extremely busy. 

If you need medical care or advice that is urgent but not an immediate, genuine emergency, please visit https://111.nhs.uk/ or call 111 first so trained NHS 111 advisors can tell you the best place to be seen quickly.

Please remember there is also the Urgent Treatment Centre at Seaton House, NG2 4LA.

Our new NUH nursing badge

We're on a journey to becoming the first organisation in the country to be ANCC Magnet® recognised. This means that the great clinical care outcomes and patient experience outcomes we already provide across our teams will be assessed formally as meeting the Magnet® standard for excellence. This is highly significant and something we should all be rightly proud of.

To recognise an individual's contribution to delivering excellence in care, we launched a competition to design and re-introduce the hospital nursing badge.  In November we launched our new Demonstrating Excellence Passports*. Nurses who complete the passport will be awarded the new NUH hospital badge. The badge was awarded for the first time in May 2019.

Our winning badge design

Voting is now closed. You can download a document of all entries here

Thank you to all of our entrant, and congratulations to our winner, Rab. 

Here's our winning designs.

Badge design