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Cycle2work scheme

Save Money on a New Bike

NUH have partnered with Halfords to offer a staff Cycle2work scheme. 

Through this scheme, you can get access to a new bike and accessories by making monthly payments from your salary. You will not pay tax or national insurance on these payments saving you are very healthy 32% on the cost of a bike and accessories. After 12 months, you will have the option to buy the bike for a small sum. 

You can spend as little as £100 on a new bike (and accessories) and up to £1,000. Please read the FAQ's below before applying, if you have any further questions regarding the scheme please e-mail cycle2work@nuh.nhs.uk 

The Window is Now Closed. The Next Window Will Open 1st October 2020

For more FAQs please visit http://www.cycle2work.info/siteemployeefaqs

What happens at the end of the hire period?

Halfords will contact you to offer you two choices: transfer the ownership of the bike so that it is yours or you can return the bike to NUH/Halfords

If you decide to transfer ownership, there is a nominal fee involved.

NUH aims to ensure that your savings are maximised through the scheme. At the end of your hire term, NUH may offer the option to take ownership of the equipment. If the employer transfers ownership to you at no cost you would be receiving a benefit in kind, which is taxable. P11D facilitates the payment of tax whilst maximising the savings. By applying the amount to your P11D you will only pay tax on the market value as calculated from the HMRC guidance.

HMRC guidance enables your employer to calculate the value of your selection at the end of the hire term. The guidance states a selection (bike and accessories) which originally cost under £500 will be worth 18% after 12 months, where as a selection over £500 will be worth 25% of its original value. For example: If you select £650, the market value would be calculated as £162.50 (25% of 650). The £162.50 is then reported on your P11D which will allow you to pay the tax on that value. Based on a 20% basic rate tax payer the cost to you will total £32.50.

Which accessories should I get?

Get a good quality "D lock" and consider getting an additional cable lock if you've got quick release components. Bike thieves with cable cutters cut poor quality cable locks in a few seconds or less. A cheap lock is a false economy.

It’s recommended that you insure the bike - if it is stolen, you’ll still have to complete your payments.

You could consider getting a basket or a rack and some pannier bags. You can fit lots into panniers and it can be easier than riding with a rucksack.

You don’t necessarily need special clothing to ride a bike, but you might want to invest in a waterproof jacket and trousers for those occasions when you cycle in a shower. You might choose a helmet. For journeys in the dark you need lights.

Remember, you can get accessories as part of your application, so work out the total value before applying.

Click here for information on bike accessories.

Examples of savings

Definitions of terms in the table below:

LOC Value: Letter of Collection value - this is the voucher which you'll receive at the end of the application process, which you take in store and swap for your bike and accessories.

Gross monthly deduction: what you see listed on your payslip.

Net monthly deduction: what you actually lose from your pocket - you don't pay income tax & National Insurance on the deduction.


LoC Value






Gross monthly deduction 






Net monthly deduction






Total cost over 12 months






Total savings made






The above figures are approximate numbers and are based on a standard rate tax payer (20%). Higher rate tax payers will save even more.

The scheme also includes a free bike care plan (over £100 of servicing/repair benefits)

All NUH employees can get a further 10% discount on full price bikes and accessories at Cycle Republic on Maid Marion Way in Nottingham City Centre. This offer is also available outside of the Cycle2Work windows. 

For more details and/or to register, visit http://www.cycle2work.info/siteemployeegettingstarted and use the employer code nuhnhsc2w.

If you have any questions please call the Halfords Cycle2work helpline on 0345 504 6444, or contact cycle2work@nuh.nhs.uk or phone ext 84771.

Can I join the scheme?

You must be on the main salaries payroll of Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and have a contract that has at least 12 months to run. Staff on zero hour contracts, locum or agency work or fixed term/temporary contracts of less than 12 months will not be accepted on the scheme. Alternatives are available - please contact cycle2work@nuh.nhs.uk for more details.

Junior doctors who are on a training post at NUH and will not be rotating for 12 months or more may be accepted for the scheme. If you will be rotating to another placement in less than 12 months, your application will not be accepted. Alternatives are available - please contact cycle2work@nuh.nhs.uk  for details.

What type of bike should I get?

There are various types of bike available - hybrid, road, tourer, sit-up-and-beg and more. Choose one which suits your needs. See this page for more advice on different types of bikes.

We recommend that you should spend no less than around £250 on a bike, and more if you can afford it. Generally, the higher the price, the better the quality of the bike - a better quality bike will be easier to ride, more reliable and will last for longer. 

If you see a bike on sale in Halfords, you can place a £10 deposit in store. This will guarentee you get this bike at the discounted rate regardless of whether the promotion has ended at the time of collection.

Please ensure you calculate the exact costs of all goods required as amounts can not be amended following approval. 

How much can I save?

On average, you can save up to 32% on a new bike and accessories. Please use the Halfords Cycle2work savings calculator to work out how much you can save and how you will be paying per month out of your salary.

Please note that NUH cannot claim back VAT.

How long will it take to process my application?

We ask that you please allow up to 14 for your application to be processed. Once processed Halfords will issue Letters of Collection via email to the email address you applied with.

When do I start to make payments?

Payments will start to be taken from your salary 1-2 months after your Letter of Collection is issued. Please note that payments will begin regardless of when you redeem your Letter of Collection. 

Can I withdraw / get a refund once I have signed up?

By signing up to the scheme you are signing a binding financial agreement. Once you have signed the agreement there is no scope for withdrawal or refund outside of the stated terms. 

Will this affect my pension?

The fact that your contractual pay is being reduced means that your level of pension contribution will be reduced. With regard to the NHS Pension scheme, there will be no impact unless the salary sacrifice runs into the period used to calculate your pension entitlement. Currently, for the majority of NHS staff it is income earned in the last year of service that determines ongoing pension payments after retirement. If this is the case any salary sacrifice in the last year of service will have the effect of lowering income and will have an adverse effect on the ongoing pension entitlement.


What is Salary Sacrifice?

This is an arrangement where an amount of gross (pre-tax) pay is surrendered in exchange for a non-cash benefit.  It shows as a reduction to your gross pay on your payslip.

By using this arrangement, you will save Income Tax, National Insurance contributions and NHS Pension contributions on the pay that is sacrificed, thereby reducing the overall cost of the benefit.

Salary sacrifice cannot be undertaken if it reduces an employee’s hourly rate below the National Minimum Wage. Current National Minimum Wage rates can be found here.  Pay Services will inform you if this applies to you and you will not be able to participate in the salary sacrifice.

Participation in any salary sacrifice constitutes an amendment to your Terms and Conditions of Employment.  This is an employment law requirement and it is necessary for you to confirm that you understand and agree to the changes to your gross salary.  You will therefore be required to sign a document to this effect.

All the Trust’s salary sacrifice schemes have their own terms and conditions which you must familiarise yourself with before signing up.


What is the effect on NHS Retirement Benefits?

1995 Section - Benefits from the 1995 Section are calculated on the best of the last three years’ Pensionable Pay.Therefore the reduction in pensionable income is only likely to affect you if you are still participating in a salary sacrifice scheme during the last three years of your NHS employment.

2008 Section - Benefits from the 2008 Section are calculated on the Pensionable Pay received in the average of the best three consecutive years out of the final ten.Therefore the reduction in pensionable income will affect you if you participate in a salary sacrifice during the period used to calculate benefits.

2015 Scheme - The 2015 Scheme is a CARE (Career Average Revalued Earnings) scheme, which means that the pension is built up by adding 1/54th of each year’s Pensionable Pay to your pension account.Each year of pensionable pay counts separately towards the build-up of final pension benefits.Therefore entering into any salary sacrifice arrangement will reduce the amount of pension built up in that year by 1/54th  of the amount of salary sacrificed, revalued at the rate of inflation plus 1.5% .

Will this affect my car parking permit?

No. There is no link between Cycle2work applications and NUH car parking permits.

What happens if I leave NUH before the end of the hire period?

Any outstanding deductions will be taken from your final salary payment. The bike will remain the property of NUH until the end of the hire period. You will be contacted at the end of the hire period with details of the options for returning or taking ownership of the bike.

Where is my nearest Halfords store?

Click here to view your nearest Halfords store. 

Halfords is a nationwide cycle retailer with 460+ stores across the UK. 97% of the population lives within 30 minutes of a Halfords store. Open when other retailers are closed, every day of the year except for Christmas Day. Monday - Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm.

Nottngham's Cycle Republic store on Maid Marion Way is part of the Halfords group but offers a much wider variety of makes, models and accessories.

Click here for the Cycle2work Scheme website

What if I want a bike which is not available through the regular Halfords selection (ie. Boardman, Carrera, Apollo)?

NUH's Cycle2work scheme provides the widest possible range of bikes at unbeatable value for money since employees are not limited to the Halfords range alone.

A number of options are available. Visit a Halfords store or browse online at www.halfords.com, but if you fail to see anything that interests you, you can ring the 'special order helpdesk' on 0345 504 6444 and Halfords can help you to source any bike outside the Halfords range through their links with partner independent bike shops. 

You do have to go through Halfords, but they can order just about any brand for you through a network of independent bike shops which they have agreements with. If you speak to their helpline (08450 778850) and tell them the bike you want, they will order it from one their partner independent bike shops.  Or you can visit one of the partner shops and chat to staff there.

The shops in Nottinghamshire which they partner with are Long Eaton CyclesOn Yer Bike in Mansfield, Scattergoods in Long Eaton, Sherwood Pines Cycles and the Specialized Concept Store in New Basford. Just over the border into Derbyshire is Leisure Lakes Cycles in Breaston (just past Long Eaton), where a number of NUH colleagues have got brands such as Trek.

As with the standard applications, these "Special Orders" have a limit of £1000.

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