COVID-19 Title


Our priority is to keep our visitors safe.

To do this we have made some small changes to how our Centres look and operate:


  • All visitors are asked to wear a facemask, unless exempt. If you are exempt from wearing a facemask please wear a visor if you are able to do so;
  •  Social distancing of 2 meters must be maintained within the Centres;
  • We will only be able to invite one visitor/household/bubble into the Centres at a time; A carer, translator or other professional/support person may be present if required. 2 metres social distancing must still be adhered to;
  • Hand sanitiser, facemasks and gloves are be available in the Centres;
  • There may be a small delay before we can invite you into our Centres, this is because we will be sanitising key areas between visitors, we will be as quick as we can and thank you for your patience.


While things will feel a little different, we are still here to support anyone affected by cancer at any stage of their journey.

We will continue to provide support over telephone, email and text so you can access information and support from home.