10 November 2017

Nottingham Hospitals welcomes 200 new nurses

Nottingham Hospitals welcomes 200 new nurses

An extra 200 new nurses have started walking the wards at Nottingham hospitals in the last few weeks.

The newly graduated staff have joined experienced teams at Queen's Medical Centre and City Hospital after completing their training.

They are a mix of homegrown talent and others from other parts of the UK attracted to Nottingham's reputation for nursing and care.

Newly qualified Children's Nurse, Molly Wright, 21 from Mansfield said: "I trained here so I was really excited to come back and work.

"NUH has got lots of specialities which are great for development and learning. It can be a bit daunting being a new starter so it's nice to come back to a place where I knew some of the staff".

Brogan Lee, 21, is a midwife and has just moved to Nottingham from Sheffield. She said: "The facilities here are great, especially the birth sanctuary. All the midwives here are really supportive and ready to answer any of your questions".

Mandie Sunderland, the Chief Nurse at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, believes a commitment to developing staff and being such a busy and diverse organisation is attractive to those starting on their nursing career.

She said: "It's a very exciting time to join NUH. We are now on our journey to nursing excellence through the Magnet programme and have many unique opportunities for development through our Preceptorship Programme and Shared Governance Council."

The new intake will be working across the hospital Divisions, at both Queens Medical Centre and City Campuses.

As part of their new starter induction, new nurses are encouraged to attend a preceptorship development day. The Preceptorship Team offer support, access to training and personalised development pathway for new starters.

For Lily Townsend, 23 from Nottingham the Preceptorship programme was a real draw to NUH: ""The Preceptorship Team here are really good. It was really important to be to have a group to offer support, help with studying and reaching Band 6 requirements".

The Preceptorship Development day focuses on resilience, assertiveness and compassion. These study days are alongside support within the ward areas by nominated preceptors and clinical educators who support the new starters and assess development through their first year.

Katie Wallis, Preceptorship Support Nurse said: "The multi professional Preceptorship Development Day is unique to NUH and the team are really proud to support all our newly qualified staff, championing multi divisional working.

"Our newly qualified professionals are our future workforce and a robust preceptorship programme is essential to their success."

When asked why he chose Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH), Claudio, 26 said: "There are lots of opportunities here and all the staff I've dealt with have been really nice and helpful".

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