13 July 2017

QMC40 Hospital radio to broadcast 40 hour marathon

QMC40 Hospital radio to broadcast 40 hour marathon

Nottingham Hospitals' Radio (NHR) is to celebrate 40 years of the QMC with a 40 hour live broadcast, to help raise funds for new studio equipment.


An award-winning hospital radio station run entirely by volunteers, NHR has put together a packed programme to celebrate 40 years of the QMC.


Their 40 hour live broadcast will take place between 8pm on Friday 28 July and 12pm on Sunday 30 July.  During the broadcast NHR will be encouraging staff, patients and their families to come and visit them at their stand by the main entrance at the QMC.


Here the NHR team will be able to explain how to access the free radio service, and will also be taking requests and dedications to play through the 40 hour broadcast. You'll also be able to make donations and maybe get on the air too!


NHR aim to make a positive difference to a patient's time in hospital - and the 40 hour broadcast will see a variety of entertaining programming - with more request shows than usual and plenty of interviews with people who work across many areas of the hospital environment. We're also hoping to encourage plenty of former hospital radio members to indulge in a QMC nostalgia-fest.


Rajiv Hasan, chairman of NHR, said: "This seemed an ideal opportunity to celebrate the QMC by broadcasting interviews with staff and patients about what makes the QMC great - and also share some of their personal stories. We are looking to raise funds throughout this event to help update our studio equipment and eventually get online. This would allow patients' families and friends to get more involved with dedications and personal  messages to their loved ones."


Founded in 1974, Nottingham Hospitals' Radio (NHR) originally began life in the City Hospital. It is now based at QMC and broadcasts to both hospitals. Many well-known presenters began at NHR including Mark Dennison, Dino, David Lloyd and Paul Robey.

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