Clinical Genetics

The Genetics Department at City Hospital is the Regional Genetics Centre for the majority of the Trent region (a population of around 2.2 million). We cover Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and North Leicestershire. We are based in Nottingham but our team also runs clinics in Mansfield, Grantham, Boston, Lincoln, Spalding, Skegness and Derby.

Hereditary diseases are often rare and affected families require specialist advice and services. We offer a full diagnostic, genetic counselling, and genetic testing service to individuals and families affected with all genetic disorders affecting all ages. We help people to find out if they are at particular risk of genetic disorders and provide people with information about genetic disorders so that they can make informed choices about their future.

We can offer both urgent and routine consultations as well as a long term follow up service for certain genetic conditions. Our team of doctors, genetic counsellors and scientists work closely together to provide patients with the information and support they need, especially at particularly stressful times in life. We also work closely with a wide variety of medical specialities to provide joint clinics and specialist services for particular genetic disorders. We offer a wide variety of genetic testing: diagnostic, predictive, carrier testing and prenatal testing with the appropriate genetic counselling.

Multidisciplinary and specialist clinics within the clinical genetics department:

  • Community paediatrics
  • Adult learning disability
  • Paediatric cardiology
  • Cardiac genetics clinic
  • Skeletal dysplasia
  • Lymphodema
  • Paediatric dermatology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Paediatric nephrology
  • Paediatric endocrinology
  • Disorders of sex development (DSD) 

Regional and National clinics run by the clinical genetics department:

We run consultant-led as well as counsellor-led clinics in Nottingham and 8 other hospitals across the East Midlands.  In very specific cases a home visit can be considered.

The team actively participates in academic and educational programmes at all levels. Invitations to give seminars or provide training are always welcome.

Contact us

Tel: 0115 962 7728
Fax: 0115 962 8042

Cancer referral management guide

New referrals for breast, ovarian and bowel cancers should be sent to the appropriate family history clinic as detailed below unless the patient is terminally ill or there is a known mutation in the family.

If you have any questions regarding whether to refer a patient or want to discuss any details, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Breast cancer and ovarian cancer

Nottingham and Newark area

Nicky Scott or Joanne Featherstone, Breast Care Nurse Specialist. Breast Family History Clinic at the Breast Institute, Nottingham City Hospital Campus

Mansfield area

Gill Clark, Breast care nurse specialist. Breast Family History Clinic, Welcome Breast Unit, King's Mill Hospital


Wendy Chorley, Samantha Crockett or Karen Potts, Family History Clinic Specialist, Familial Cancer Team, Royal Derby Hospital


Mr Ahmed, Consultant Breast Surgeon, Breast Unit, Lincoln County Hospital

Mr Thekkinkattil, Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon, Breast Unit, Pilgrim Hospital, Boston

Mr Potdar, Consultant General/Breast Oncoplastic/Reconstructive Surgeon Breast Unit, Grantham and District Hospital

Newark area

Please contact the specialists from the Nottingham or Mansfield areas as appropriate.


Bowel cancer

Nottingham area

Sarah Thomson, Colorectal Nurse Practitioner, Bowel Cancer Family Service, QMC Campus

Mansfield area

Sue Godber, Louise Smith, or Emma Heighway, Colorectal Nurse Specialist, Department of Surgery, King's Mill Hospital


Wendy Chorley, Family History Clinic Specialist, Familial Cancer Team, Royal Derby Hospital.


Mr. S. Pillai, Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon, Colorectal Services, Lincoln County Hospital;

Mr G Ortonowski Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon, Colorectal Services,  at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston

Miss A Varma, Consultant General Surgeon, Grantham and District Hospital

Newark area

Please contact the specialists from the Nottingham or Mansfield areas as appropriate


Other inherited cancers, complex cancer histories or referrals with known family mutations for pre-symptomatic testing should be referred directly to the Nottingham Clinical Genetics Service.

Outpatient referrals

Clinical referrals are accepted from GPs (via EBS), consultants, associate specialists, cancer family history clinics, antenatal services and other relevant health professionals such as health visitors.

All referrals should be made to the Clinical Genetics Service at Nottingham City Hospital. If the referral is urgent, such as obstetric cases, please telephone with the referral or fax a referral letter to allow earliest possible intervention. All referrals are reviewed on a daily basis by an experienced clinician.

Please include as much relevant information as possible, including contact details of your patient and names of significant relatives if known. It is particularly helpful to us to have a daytime telephone number. Prior to making any referrals please ensure that you have discussed this with the patient and that they wish to be seen.

If you have any questions regarding whether to refer a patient or want to discuss any details, please do not hesitate to contact us

Tel: 0115 962 7728


We currently run outpatient clinics at:

Nottingham City Hospital

King's Mill Hospital

Grantham Hospital

Pilgrim Hospital (Boston)

Lincoln County Hospital (paediatric clinic)

The Johnson Community Hospital (Spalding)

Skegness and District General Hospital

Royal Derby Hospital