Child having a hearing test

Children's Hearing Assessment Centre

From the 3rd August we are able to take referrals again. Please bear with us waiting times for appointments are a little longer than usual.

We are currently unable to make appointments for swim plugs.


The Nottingham Paediatric Audiological Service based at Ropewalk House, provides audiological assessment and care for children. 

We see children from newborn to school leaving age. Generally children transfer to the care of the adult team when they are 16-years-old, however, if they have additional needs we will manage them up until they are 19-years-old.  Our team has considerable experience in the assessment of children’s hearing and appropriate care of those children identified with a hearing impairment.

We are a family-friendly service that aims to accurately assess children’s hearing to identify any difficulties. We work collaboratively with professionals, family and the child to assist that child in managing the loss of hearing, reducing the impact the difficulties this has on the child.

We also have specialist clinics:

  • tinnitus
  • auditory processing disorders
  • sensitivity to sound
  • bone anchored hearing aids

If you would like to know more about particular aspects of our service please click on the appropriate link.

How do I get my child's hearing assessed?

There are a number of ways for you to refer your child to our service. These include:

  • GP
  • paediatrician or consultant
  • health visitor or school nurse
  • other health professionals
  • parental referral

If you have any concerns over your child's hearing and want a test, contact us.

Information about your appointment

You will see one or two members of a team of audiologists and clinical scientists who are specially trained to test children’s hearing. The appointment is usually about 30 minutes to an hour. Sometimes we need to bring you back for a second appointment. We aim to see you on time but occasionally clinics can be delayed.


What will we do?

We will ask you some questions about your child’s hearing, medical history and any family history of hearing problems. 

Depending on your child’s age we will try and test their hearing by getting them to respond to sound in some way. This often includes some form of play. It is therefore important your child is awake. The hearing test needs to be carried out in a quiet room, so if possible it is best to try to attend with only the child being tested. It is not possible to leave children unsupervised in the waiting area, but they are welcome to wait there if they are accompanied by an adult.

We will also look in your child’s ears and we may do some other tests if required. 

None of the tests are invasive and most children enjoy their visit with us.

We will then discuss the results we find with you.