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What is the Freedom of Information Act?

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act gives you the right to ask us for all the information we have on any subject you choose. Unless there is a good reason, we must provide the information within one month. You can also ask for all the personal information we hold on you.

Who can access the information?

Any person can make a request for information under the Act; there are no restrictions on your age, nationality, or where you live.

What can you ask for?

You can ask for any information at all - but some information might be withheld to protect various interests which are allowed for by the Act. If we do not provide you with the information we must tell you why..

If you ask for information about yourself, then your request will be handled under the Data Protection Act instead of the Freedom of Information Act.

We have a duty to provide the information either:

  • By making it publicly available (this would not apply to personal information) or
  • To someone who makes a proper request under the general right of access.

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