Our vision and values

Servcie standardWe have a clear vision of what we want to achieve. We are determined to be the best acute teaching trust in the country by 2016.

By the best, we mean that the Trust's services and departments must be in the top three compared to peers in the country.

We will measure this in six areas:

  • patient experience
  • clinical outcomes
  • staff satisfaction
  • teaching and training
  • research and development
  • value for money.


Our values

Known collectively as 'we are here for you', our values - developed after consultation with patients and staff - describe the NUH way of doing things.

We are here for you: this is our promise to patients.

Our pledge to patients is that all day, every day, we will do our very best to ensure:

  • You are cared for – politely and respectfully by kind and helpful staff, who have taken the time to listen to you and keep you informed at every step
  • You are safe – in clean and comfortable facilities, with highly professional teams who work together to make sure you are in safe hands
  • You are confident in your treatment – provided by well-trained, skilled and compassionate teams, who involve you in your care and appreciate the value of your time

To help us do this consistently, our patients and staff worked with us to develop a set of values and behaviours.

Our values:

  • Caring and helpful
  • Safe and vigilant
  • Clinically excellent
  • Accountable and reliable
  • Best use of time and resources
  • Innovation for patients

Our behavioural standards:

  • Polite and respectful
  • Communicate and listen
  • Helpful and kind
  • Vigilant
  • On stage
  • Speak up
  • Informative
  • Timely 
  • Compassionate

Click here for our behavioural standards handbook.

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