Better for You

We're continually improving patient and staff experience

Better for you logoBetter for You is how we are improving quality, safety and value for money at our hospitals. It is our thoughtful response to the challenges we face.

Launched in 2009, there are over 250 projects underway and over 2,500 of our staff directly involved. At the very heart of Better for You is empowering our staff to make change happen in their own areas of work by acting on their own ideas. Patients and staff are involved in every project.

In 2011, we introduced Just Do It Awards. They reward and recognise staff who have implemented their own ideas, quickly and easily, to enhance patient and/or staff experience.

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2013 Better for You Report

BFY Report 2013
Better for You (BfY), our established whole-hospital continuous
improvement programme, continues to deliver exceptional results.

Better for You

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