Why choose us?

Patient experience

  • In February 2014, the Care Quality Commission published our inspection report and concluded we were a ‘good trust’: safe, caring, effective, responsive and well-led
  • We are consistently in the top 25% of trusts for response rates and scores for the ‘friends and family‘ test, which means most patients would recommend our hospitals
  • Our Trust Board receives patient stories which describe our patients’ experiences at NUH every month at its public meeting
  • Caring around the Clock is our approach to nurse rounding. It helps us better anticipate patients’ needs and involve patients in their care

Patient safety

  • Our infection rates are lower than ever. In 2013/14, we had 90 cases of Clostridium difficile (vs 74 cases: national target). This was our lowest number on record. No cases were caused by deficiencies in our care. We had 2 cases of MRSA bacteraemia (vs 0 cases: national target). This compares favourably with similar hospitals
  • In 2013/14, we had 14% fewer falls and 11.5% fewer harmful falls
  • We also had fewer deaths from severe sepsis and significantly improved safety in theatres
  • We had 35% fewer avoidable stage 3 pressure ulcers. It is now over 14 months since we reported a stage 4 pressure ulcer (as of August 2014)

NHS Nottingham University Hospitals
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