Patient safety - keeping you safe during your stay in hospital

Patient safety is our number one priority. If you have any questions or concerns please speak to a member of staff.

_CA15989More than a million people are treated successfully in the NHS every day. Occasionally some patients who are admitted to hospital experience adverse events or harm. These are unexpected and unintended events related to medical care (e.g. an infection caught in hospital, the wrong dose of medication, or a deep vein thrombosis after an operation).

Sign up to Safety

We are one of the first hospitals in England to support a new campaign called Sign up to Safety which aims to raise the bar even higher when it comes to improving patient safety across the NHS through greater openness and transparency.

Find out more about the Sign up to Safety campaign. 

How you can help

It is our responsibility to keep you safe but there are also things you can do as a patient or relative to help us. Full details are contained in our patient safety leaflet

More information is available in an easy to read patient safety leaflet. Further details are available of how you can help beforeduring and as you leave hospital are online.

Patient Safety Annual Report

You can read our full Patient Sefety Annual Report here.

You can also read the summary version here.




Since April 2015, we have had 0 cases of MRSA. This is in line with our target of 0 cases.

Clostridium difficile

Clostridium difficile

Since April 2015, we have had 12 cases of Clostridium difficile. This is higher than our target of fewer than 7 cases.

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