• mealtime colourBreakfast (8am-9am)
  • Lunch (12pm-1pm)
  • Dinner (5pm-6pm)

At mealtimes we try to stop all other activities on our wards. This prevents unnecessary interruptions. Our nurses, catering staff and volunteers will be available to help serve the food and give assistance to patients who need support.

A hospital menu will be available by your bedside or in your bay.

Food is always available on our wards. Please ask one of our nurses if you would like something to eat, especially if you have missed a meal because you have been away from the ward or nil by mouth for tests.

We offer a range of extra menus for patients with special dietary requirements and needs, including meals for cultural or religious beliefs and those with therapeutic needs. Please let our nursing teams know if you have any special dietary needs.

NHS Nottingham University Hospitals
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